Getting lost in my thoughts.

Any space is the right space to write.

Any space is the right space to write.

Warm enough to start working out side means juggling the delicate balance between the glaring sun on screen with chilly shaded fingers and both with the distance from my hub – so I tend to pick up and move regularly depending on the task in hand.

Today’s task was more research about web sites, blogging and about platform building generally and more specifically Michael Hyatt’s Platform University which looks like it is gearing up for a launch again soon. I am open minded about joining in this time around as there is much to be learnt and given that the building work begins on the house in a week, actual writing and revision will be hard to slip into. I might as well use the time to learn what I can so I can apply it later…

Between times I have been checking over some launch copy/ email that is being used by a student of Holly Lisle’s course that she runs in conjunction with Jeff Walker’s PLF – directing that at Indie Publishing and launching books specifically. It is interesting to be able to see it all play out and what works and what doesn’t do it for me.

My original goal for my Young Adult series was to launch this coming Christmas but then the Rayburn broke and it has triggered the major house overhaul we are about to get into – so I made my peace with that and regrouped setting a new goal to launch Christmas 2016 and using the time now to look at platforms, marketing, design and formatting – things that I had comfortably been avoiding thinking about till after the revision stage. I have found it is sharpening my focus and challenging me to look hard at the story material I have yet to revise, to present it in the most effective form I can to suit a future ‘today’s market’…  Had I revised as planned, I would have been left trying  to sell yesterday’s book in yesterday’s way. Food for thought.

I follow the free stuff from these above mentioned folk – and use Holly’s paid for courses but am not affiliated to any of them. If that ever changes I will say so.


Back to work – yesterday.

Back to writing days – yesterday.

Holly Lisle was running a webinair which I joined – as usual inspirational and interesting.

Today I set down a plan to keep my productivity up till 1st June while packing house and office up and moving to mobile home so that our old home can have some much needed TLC. I plan and everyone laughs but at least I try, regroup and try again…


Easter ride.

Bliss. Took Buddy out around the Marquis of Lorne and Powerstock then back via North Eggardon and Spyway and back the long way past Folly Cottage. Very quiet but for the bell ringers who seemed to be clanging away all around. Doubt anyone got much of a lie in today in this corner of West Dorset.

Not having much luck with cropping photos – they reduce and look fine in the thumbnail but not on the post.

Cropped version - with head!

Cropped version – with head!

Yea! How did I do that?

The other two Stars in my sky - Rufus and Flax

The other two stars in my sky – Rufus and Flax.

Okay! Seem to have got over loosing my head so we can get back to riding.


Trial and Error.

Trial and Error.

Progress in so much as I am posting on this site. Not so much progress on the uploading media angle – that is next weeks challenge.

Checking out images on line for alter ego Alex’s site which I have yet to do more than set up on a basic level. I have to decide how to link that site to this – it will support my Young Adult fiction so I am thinking deeply right now what I want from it and what I need to put in at the beginning.

My goal is to get the basic shapes done and some content  before end of this month as this house is being pulled down around us and I won’t have power – let alone internet connection – indoors.

Jotting some ideas down in Scrivener for May so I have new work to get on with both in the Young Adult and Adult fiction while I get on with a mass of typing up from longhand that has been on hold while I tinker with this site.


And we are off!

And we are off!

Phew. Back in the saddle for a normal Saturday ride around the valley. Buddy has been off work due to tooth problems – the cheek tooth was removed, root canalled and replaced two weeks ago Monday – and all seems to have been successful.

Smashing ride, bright and sunny, primroses and violets everywhere and birds busy singing. Looking forward to tomorrow already.

Probably should re title this ‘The Headless Horsewoman Rides Again’ obviously this site IS still a Work In Progress.