Busy week.

Change is good – just tiring…

Busy week  checking out and or moving to new writing groups that seem to have more bells and more whistles than I will ever discover and also new blogging sites and one I have been meaning to check out for a while.

At the moment it looks like Scribophile for the new writing group and Haynet as a new blogging space as I have enjoyed reading that one for years but not added to it.

As usual when doing something new I have to pretty much hold nose and jump in – however many bloops  I make – often the fear of changing things is so much worse than actually doing it. I am not sure that you can ever get so used to change it ceases to bother you though the great thing about the internet is friends and colleagues need not be left behind nor lost touch with.

I have managed to hit my typing up of the MS targets for the week and was amused to see another Author informing her followers via email that by publication she could virtually recite her novels – I am with her on that one – though sadly this skill in me doesn’t extend to dictation via Dragon as this week late one night I fired it up only to have my text turn red and be highlighted in green – when this happens I check the room for hidden cameras 🙂

On the horse front this week my farrier re shod a fully rugged Buddy while we braced ourselves against in horizontal July rain. Rufus and Flax used the mud creatively to decorate the fly rugs and style their mane dooz

I escaped to my bolt hole this am – the pier at West Bay.

It is nice that some things never change.

West Bay looking east

West Bay looking east


Knackered Tonight!

Knackered tonight! Yesterdays research and activity surrounded interesting blogging sites and today’s has been all about researching  on line writing groups – many of whom I have joined over the years and not used in favour of one I very much enjoyed – but sometimes wings need to be spread and so I am checking out these others – what a selection too!

Horses have come up and stared at me through the office window a couple of times and I took my tea out and sat on the trough scoffing cheese on toast while they snuffled about me, inhaling mozzarella and pulling funny faces.

Tonight I need to be back in the office typing up for my two hours of ‘daily typing up’ I will get this draft ready to revise by the end if the summer – I hope.


Need To Pull Out Of A Tail Spin?

When nothing else matters and nothing else comes close…?

But suddenly you are falling through your dreams immobilised by some thing or other you never saw moving and the ground is coming up to meet you?

Ask your self one question –

Why Am I Doing This?

Hang on to the answer to save yourself.

Today life gave me a good poke off a cliff and as I tore my nails off on the ever shifting ground I heard my self shouting –


‘I am writing for my life.’ The answer came back. Nothing else comes close.

Writing = Freedom.

Avoid Falling Flat

Avoid Falling Flat

This in turn reminded me

‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail…’ I don’t plan to fail this side of hell.

So am back riding the desk horse and chasing my dreams across the page and the shadows from my soul.


Seven Sites That Have Helped Me Get This Far…

  1. http://www.writewords.org.uk/  On line writing and critique group I have belonged to for a few years.
  2. http://hollylisle.com/ On line writing school – The Best.
  3. http://www.parelliconnect.com/resources/dashboard You can’t get much better than this for horses.
  4. http://michaelhyatt.com/ + Platform U.  I like this guy. I like his style and I like his resources.
  5. http://rockingselfpublishing.com/ Wouldn’t have worked out how to adapt my WordPress site without his free video content.
  6. http://problogger.com/ Relatively new for me but encouraging me already.
  7. See below
West of West Bay  - as good a site as any to end the day ...

West of West Bay – as good a sight as any to end the day …

West of West Bay – as good a site as any to end the day at…


I am NOT affiliated to any of these sites they have just helped me and deserve a mention:)