Wr5t5ng Wee2 – exactly…:)



Tips on carrying your work A to B constantly?

Don’t ask me – that was a question.

The Writing Week then…

Starting to think about how I want to change Hacked Off so I took advantage of the dry bright weather and got outside as much as possible so I could ‘sort of’ think about it while I was working with my horses. I have a few ideas and know roughly what I want but within them there are choices to make about some of the characters and their roles – dog walking has now become an opportunity to talk to the imaginary actors playing the characters as we sit around an imaginary big table and talk about what I want them to do for me – I don’t have close neighbours so I can actually talk out loud – which is a bad habit to get into but I could drink and smoke my way though writing and I don’t do either of those so…

Having ditched Platform U last week due to their appalling automated subscription issues I awaited day 10 extermination with total disinterest – only to find an email telling me it was ‘all a mistake’  and as I am an ‘active and involved’ member my membership goes on – this made me flaming mad as to me it says – ‘drat if you were a quite sort we might have  either got rid of you or got more money out of you’ – of course I am not paranoid.:)

I had noticed that my thread there about the mistake I made with Blue Host has  not exactly been taken down but can only be got at through my profile which I reckon is the same thing – that annoyed me too as it was fair comment and other people might make the same mistake and it was expensive. Now I have the dilemma of sticking around disgruntled or putting up and shutting up  with something I pay for, is useful but mostly operates in a way that I find uncomfortable. Like the horse with the wrinkle under the saddle I expect I will explode bucking from time to time – the trick if I stay will be to keep it fair just and reasonable – and useful to any one else inclined to not see the wood for the trees on this journey. Either way it is a distraction I don’t need. So they get one more month/sub payment and then I will reassess – by then I hope husband will be back at work and my normal working hours will be resumed.

Reading This Week?

Lindsey Davies – Falco series again for the umpteenth time.


Yes – in the impending cancellation of PU I scouted writing Podcasts etc and found a fair few – my Itunes thing is now packed with them – cannot list them here or say if they are useful – I was looking for UK ones for a change – and there were some – I just haven’t sat at desk long enough to listen and comment but it seems a vibrant selection packed with view points of all kinds.

Quote Of The Week…

Goes to this link of Michael Hyatt http://michaelhyatt.com/photos/often-not-brave-means-scared-michael-hyatt Which seems so true right now.

Second Quote Of The Week…

Goes to my tiler Simon ‘Happy Days’ which is fast becoming a favourite around here 🙂






Riding Week…

Must Change That… My Horsey Week?Water horse 4

Any way – we went and saw Monty Roberts and gang from Intelligent Horsemanship at Kingston Maurwood – brilliant and very glad we went – busy and packed evening.

Spent rest of week utilising the dry ground to work/play with all three horses – brilliant fun – Flax starting to do liberty work with me now which is an intense feeling between self and horse like invisible sparks that only he and I can see. It doesn’t – in our case- mean we can go out and about together though.

Both Rufe and Flax are extremely fat after this winter which is unusual so I am having to be careful with what they are eating  – I don’t want them standing in doing nothing and the field won’t take a smaller plot without damage – so they get plenty of hay to try and keep the sugar levels steady but I am aware that they are at risk of Laminitis.

Buddy on the other hand is about right weight wise and is getting extra grass in the day times. iT is 5 weeks till Dan can re shoe him and by then I hope our daily ground work and walking will mean we can get out and about once again.

I cleaned the tack. Washed my kit.

And Generally Had A Horsey Week 🙂


Spring Is As Spring Does …

The Writing Week…



Started and ended with some good thought provoking reading and listening around my favourite Blogs and Podcasts while starting to form a revised plot for  Hacked Off  – the ‘cast’ and I have after lunch meetings while I am walking the dogs and I am pleased with the new ideas I am having  on that score too.

One thought occupying my mind this week is the subject of goals and goal setting – on the one hand I follow the coaching from Michael Hyatt and co about having plans and ‘Living Forward’ as his new book totes but at the same time I  take a point made by Will Jonathan on the Tiny Buddha Blog that ‘Getting what you want can sabotage you http://tinybuddha.com/blog/how-getting-what-you-want-can-sabotage-you/which is well worth a look at and a deep think about.


Do you plan?

Or  – do you see goals as ‘a natural consequence or enjoying something and doing it well’? [From the article mentioned above]

Further to that this week I enjoyed Michael Hyatt and Michelle Cushatt in their weekly conversational Podcast – ths week it was about 7 pieces of advice Michael would give to ‘would be CEOs’ – Not something I initially thought would interest me –  But I quote  from the  show transcription http://this-is-your-life.s3.amazonaws.com/tiyl_s7_ep_05.pdf

‘The first one is your position is not your identity. Second, your position is temporary, not permanent. Third, your position is a privilege, not a right. Fourth, your position is about faithfulness, not achievement. Fifth, your position is about them, not you. Sixth, your position is about stewardship, not ownership. Seventh (so good), your position will require more than you think you can provide on your own, so prepare for it now. Don’t wait until you have the job to do the work you need to do. ‘

This Is Your Life Podcast Season 7, Episode 5 Transcribed by Ginger Schell. – Podcast Link –http://michaelhyatt.com/season-7-episode-5-advice-to-new-ceos-podcast.html – If you want to listen.

Why did this interest me particularly?

The first point snagged me because I am always interested in how we humans align our identity to what we do and then we struggle when we don’t do that thing any more or we can’t achieve good results – I am between phases in my life right now  – I HAVE been a Farmer and NOW I am a Writer – I ALSO ride horses and that makes me a Rider – but I haven’t ridden for months which causes doubt – if my writing never gets revised will I ever be an Author? I still own a farm but I actually have no livestock so technically I AM still a Farmer yet I don’t respond with that when asked ‘What do you do?’ Saying ‘I write…’ sounds pretentious to me – yet it just about describes my life now – I live on the page in words that I type…

Michael and Michelle’s conversation made me think hard about what would happen if I didn’t write any more, didn’t finish the books – that voice in my head said ‘What else IS there?’ 🙁 I think a rethink!! 🙂 I am already an Author – of this Blog and two others for a start 🙂  Which isn’t the point they were trying to make but demonstrates how tightly we all cling to who we are being related to what we do – and not how we do it…

Sad But True Though…

This is my last week at Platform U – Michael Hyatt’s membership site – why? Troubles with  the renewal of the sub’ every month this year for no apparent reason and a feeling that it is time to move on – taking with me a lot of interesting things I have learnt and experienced and a large dislike of ‘virtual assistants’ running Customer Service and Personality Social Media  contacts- it creates an image of  ‘Unreachables’ that is contrary to the public face  shown – and his isn’t the only larger site I have come across with this problem – again with the issue of  Time Zones for these sites which are Global not being addressed properly  for the benefit of the customer.

I still think Michael Hyatt is a great coach and would always recommend checking out his stuff – this little British female unpublished fiction writer found herself a little out of her depth at times but I have paddled ashore non the worse for wear.

Spring Cleaning Then…

Dawn On A Spring Day

Dawn On A Spring Day

If you like –  of thoughts and hang outs – and  the week still allowed me to venture into some new territory –

At https://twodropsofinkat.wordpress.com/   and http://www.thecreativepenn.com/podcasts/ seem good starting points 🙂

So I keep moving along and learning as I go…



Heroes And Legends

I am off to see my heroes from Intelligent Horsemanship – Kelly Marks and gang with guest Martin Clunes at my old Agricultural College – Kingston Maurwood in Dorchester Dorset – this Saturday night –  which is all exciting enough – but ‘living legend’ Monty Roberts is going to be the there too – and I just can’t wait! I hope Kelly brings her fabulous horse Pie along  as seeing him is always inspirational.

I have been kind and not volunteered my boys for the Demo – they are ‘back in town’ now out side the window of 27 asleep in the sun as I type.

The Boys Are Back In Town...

The Boys Are Back In Town…


Keeping Going…

2016-03-07 18.11.40


East or West a second apart – what is light is then dark what is blue is then an impending storm…






2016-03-07 18.11.34


Keeping going when life gets overwhelming  can be one thing or the other – suddenly distracting us and blinding us to the fact that ahead there is light.

My Writing Week…

Has been tricky – doing a first revision apparently is Hell – doing it as part of a course gives you lots of support but equally you are still alone with your worst night mare – the book you now hate. Apparently I am about half way through this process and having remembered why I wrote the book, what I wanted the book to be about and been made to question if the book I have now is remotely like that OR NOT… I am now at the part where I make it the book I set out to write. Phew. I think. No pressure there then. 🙂

So Onwards Towards The Light It Is Then!



West of West Bay  - as good a site as any to end the day at...

Or keep going towards the light…


Better Week’s Work…



Out of the mire of other business admin issues – though likely only given a bit more rope by them – I have been able to kick on with the  revision course work using  Hacked Off as my set book.

I had hoped to do a research visit to one of the locations in the book on Dartmoor –  but there wasn’t time so we are rescheduling it for another time.

Enjoyed Michael Hyatt’s new release ‘Living Forward’ while I was waiting around this week for other folk.

I am a bit out of touch with my usual online haunts TBH due to husband being at home dealing with- and having a good go at – finishing the interior of the house and in fact I settled down with Thomas Hardy’s Far From The Madding Crowd one evening instead of on screen entertainment- enjoyed it hugely – as a resident of ‘Wessex’ and born and bred here I love these tales and his farming and country characters are so vivid and real.

So my writing week has been a good one in the end – progress has been made – what is more to want or like? 🙂