Moving On…

2016-04-15 09.29.31.jpgHad To Pick Up And Move – Again!

This time to the mezzanine floor as husband has re possessed the ‘old kitchen’ for a work space while he has been working on the house the last month or so.

Take Out From This?

The most important bits of equipment a writer can have are – plastic storage boxes, of a size you can lift, and a collection of weird old light weight tables…

Have Those And CAN Travel 🙂


Spring Tides…

Clean sweep...

Clean sweep..

Great Week…

What is not to like? A four day holiday and the clocks changing to BST all in one go.

Great time to investigate some new Pod Cast resources – well new to me any way – and what a great bunch!

Quick List…

Sell More Books Show.

Self Publishing Formula – this one IS new.

UK Script Writers

Stirling and Stone – The Self Publishing Podcast.

The Creative Penn – Great web resource.

Alli – Alliance Of Independent Authors.

Writing For Life CS Lakin.

Not all of these are US based – in fact I am consciously looking for UK input these days – I enjoyed all of them and they are all pertinent to me writing fiction and are for the most part free to listen to and use – I am also considering joining Alli as an Associate Member  – as I am not yet published.

Finding these has more than helped me make the decision to leave Platform U and the saving of £22/month may well go to Alli membership and to Joanna Penn at Creative Penn for one of her courses instead to take on from Holly Lisle’s ‘How To Revise Your Novel’ which I am doing now with Hacked Off.

That Aside…

The revision remains on course and am playing with plot cards and re plotting and moving scenes etc and still ‘chatting’ to the ‘actors’ playing my characters to see what we can do better.

I ventured into the shipping container and brought out my other WIPs that have been in storage for a year now due to the house re build and started re acquainting myself with them so that I can follow the Isaac Asimov idea of working on more than one thing at a time or simultaneously rather than the hard focus on one thing that I find hard when things get tough to concentrate or just plain get to a point where I am sick of them – but has logistically been the best I could do this last 12 months.

2016-03-31 08.49.47Looking Ahead Then…

Blue sky – always good for thinking 🙂


If Wishes Were Horses…

Half A Pot Of Gold?

Half A Pot Of Gold?

Either Way It Meant Rain.

Gave me a chance to look at the journal I keep – A4 spiral back 160 side – current one is purple – last page today.

I do keep a bit of a blog line going on Parelli Connect and I do sometimes post on Haynet – I keep a record of them – kind of – on here  – but for the last 15 years I have kept a daily free form long hand record of the horses in my life and our adventures and misadventures – I periodically keep a file open on One Note too – but I always come back as well to the paper…

Today I started a new one – the last was started 12/Aug/13 – always makes me wonder were I will be and how they will be when I finish a new one – the pile of note books covers a multitude of achievements and disasters and is full of friends and memories – 4 and 2 legged – some happy and some gut wrenchingly sad.

Where will this one take me and my 4 legged friends?