1st Edit Finished at Last :)


I said I wanted this done by end of 2016 and then I narrowed that to 23/12/ 16 – so that I wouldn’t be distracted over the holidays or feel a failure starting the New Year. Then husband announced he was finishing work on the 21st ‘or’ 22nd and so I really had to motor – finished at some daft time for me – of 23.34 on 19/12/16  and  woke up the next day in The Brave New World where I have completed an edit and taken another leap forward and I bagged and tagged the old 1st Draft and the new 2nd Draft and shoved them in the shipping container out of The Tweaker’s way/

Knowing that the worst thing I could do was stop, I pushed on with the plan to resume 1st Drafting Hacked Apart and to write the 1st Draft of Hacked To Bits by Easter 2017 – this involves having a look at the material I already have – which is quite a pile – and inputting that into Scrivener over the Holiday period – this week is a 3 day week for me and next week a 4 day week so I hope to finish that inputting by then.

The first full 5 day week is set aside for getting out the new 2nd draft of Hacked Off and doing a 7 day revision on it leaving me as clean a copy as I can – with any notes and updates also inputted to Scrivener.

Choosing Scrivener Templates by comparing in split screen


The question is one Scrivener project file for whole series or separate? I have investigated a few templates – and when inputting I will give them a go or create my own but the basic Scrivener Novel template is plenty good enough and nice clean and simple…

All very organised – and then I ran away with a nasty bout of  ‘I can’t do it’ itis…which had followed a painful bout of ‘comparisonitis’ I suffered while reading Outlander 🙂

I got over these impediments, as I am getting over the self censorship issue I have had with keeping up blog posts since Brin died. Usually happy blathering on and on but having decided not to make folks cry talking about him too much – and because I didn’t actually want to share his last few weeks – I then started questioning every thought to blog and didn’t… It has taken a passing comment on my blog from a blogger I respect, to remind me to not beat myself up too much, but to pick self up and dust self off and carry on – after all I DID finish the edit  which was what I was aiming to do 🙂 Thank you Daisy Smith 🙂