Glad To Be Indie…

I love being an Indie writer – but more to the point I love working with other Indies – cheerful, encouraging and friendly and all folk with a huge work ethic and customer service mentality.

This week I got the OK from the bank and the bank account was set up – I was quite impressed with their On Line team – their script allowed them to remember me – phone call to phone call – and that is more than the tellers in the real branch do who seem forced into the same script even if they see you 100 x /day šŸ™ SoĀ  here I am in a new business then šŸ™‚ Did’t think that was on the cards for 2018 but the dice rolled and I played the hand I was dealt and here I am šŸ™‚ Continue reading


All Change Again Then…

So far 2018 has been about grabbing the opportunity that the EU Digi VAT decision has handed me – it matters little to me that I may still have to register for VAT MOSS -or not TBH – itĀ  was the huge damage that earlier decisionĀ not to have a threshold did to my confidence and plans when I found out about it in 2016 – that has now been reversed – I may have to keep records but I won’t be liable for piddling bits of bloody cash to someone on the far side of Europe whose languageĀ I don’t speak.

Today I moved forward Continue reading


Through the tree and the password is ‘Silver Snaffles’ or ‘Happy Hacking 2018…

Through the tree and the password is ‘Silver Snaffles’…

First exploration of my exit path down through the woodsĀ  stopped after the first field!

The large willow tree that has stood by the gate got tired of waiting for some one to trim it and when gravity took over – its roots loosened by the heavy rain and high gusty wind –Ā  it upended right across the middle field gate way… It has missed the gate and the posts which is good… Continue reading


2018 – Strike while the iron is hot…

OKĀ  – you guys are the secondĀ  to know – because at the moment you guys aren’t there and Holly Lisle’s guys and gals support me everyday 24/7! I went to the bank in the pouring rain to start the process of opening a business account for the writing – such is the state of banking today in provincial Britain that I caused them to rummage in a cupboard for anything with an actual phone number on for a Nat West business startup contact! Went home – Broad Band really incapable today – an hour + phone call with a nice bloke who was telling me all about his young son’s Kindle use ( minimal – I suggested he let him read on his phone – apparently the kid is 7 so doesn’t have a phone –Ā thatĀ surprised me more – but as the kid likes real books better I advised (!) patience – yep I don’t know why people tell me stuff like this eitherĀ  they just do! )
Any way about an hour and A HALF later the application had gone as far as it could – no idea now if that is a done deal or if it still needs to jump hurdles –
High Points – ‘How much income are you planning to have?’
‘Well none – I will give books away free in return for email addresses…’ I had guessed might happen.
Follow up question ‘But if youĀ wereĀ selling the books what would they be worth?’
‘Depends on the Amazon etc scales and schemes and where the book falls in my series – I have 9 of them in two seriesĀ  free – say Ā£4.99…’ I thought was a best guess. Explanation of Book Funnel and print on demand svs that made me sound like I knew what I was talking about apparently as he liked those ideas
Plus – lengthy discussion on Digi Vat and international payments direct to me and not via a third party and registering for Tax else whereĀ  – some of those where best guesses too.
So ‘I dun it’Ā :)Ā Am shaking a bit TBH – thatĀ butterfliesĀ feeling – not sure whether to laugh or cry – I wish he had made it clearer if there was a chance of a big fat ‘NO’ arriving in the post, by email or message etc – IĀ thinkĀ Ā it’s OK but I am a sceptical bugger – stuff should arrive 5-7 days – so a working week then – if I haven’t heard by next Tuesday… Now, I have to get to the next item on the agenda and TBH brain has emptied rapidly and I can’t find the list – how silly and yetĀ notĀ – I have been moving towards being an Author all my life and this is a very tangible step forward I suppose – without which I could be a Writer but not make my living from being an Author. Yep I am definitely emotional LOL:Flying::ThumbsUp::Peeking:
Tonight I have enjoyed Jo Penn’s pod castĀ  atĀ ĀĀ Ā 
And Darren Rowse intro to Blogging atĀ
I have also downed the last half of a bottle of Chardonnay – notĀ my normal habit but there was half a bottle left over from Christmas and I sat enjoying Orna Ross’s webinar – which I have lost the link to but is the first Tue in each month ( free)Ā  I sat and partied quietly – Orna had technical trouble but kept calm and carried on šŸ™‚
Why the party? Well today has been a long time coming – there still may be rejection ahead – banks and I don’t mix that well but I made a start and that is what counts – doing something not nothing šŸ™‚