Snow Mobiles…

Horses are still down over – they have been as far down over as is possible – in order to find shelter from the weather. The top field remains an inhospitable and unpleasant mess of dank wet ground and short bottomless grass.

With my mum in hospital and the weather conditions grim the horses  are unlikely to be brought into work this year I feel. The best I can hope for is a re group in the coming seasons but with them at 12/13 now and me in my 50’s actually riding seems like something ‘I once did’…

Still we remain in the hands of the Gods.


First Quarter

Busy but ultimately bleak..

The new VAT proposals for Digital Vat set the year off to a busy start – I changed my Web Design helper to Sam Davies at Web Site Right and pushed ahead with the ideas I have been sitting on on that score.

I worked hard on Hacked Apart and finished that MS 22/03/2018.

Sadly the snow brought death – Tash – the mastiff featured in this blog sometimes – was put to sleep following an illness.

My Mum has been hospitalised for the last 4 weeks from a condition made worse by the vicious weather and her recovery is slow.

I started the next story in the Hacked series – it stands at about 3500 at the moment and I aim to keep writing that to The End and then return to editing the YA books.

Aim after Easter to return to regular blogging – and may the sun shine 🙂

Tash with us 2008- 2018