Summer’s End and an End in Sight.


I have finished the first draft of Hacked to Bits.  This is the first ‘straight through’ MS I have done since Quest 4 – a few summers ago – and the first entirely on the laptop and then filed to Scrivener , Ywriter and Novel Factory and printed – why the three? They all look at projects in similar ways but enough is different that it gives me a fresh look at what I am doing. I also back up to two external hard drives now – no longer does a new first draft fill me with the dread of either typing 130k 🙂 – dictating it for transcription by Dragon saw off that appalling circumstance last year – but given my Mum’s continued fragility of health my time became very concentrated when I was writing this draft and so I made my self write on the lap top and file by copy and paste and print as I went each day – so now when I want to edit the thing it is ready with no extra admin time beyond setting up new files for the 2nd draft.

The two weeks since I finished have seen me sort out the shipping container were I store my stuff, sort out upgrades etc – Dragon 15 Pro from 13 etc and renew website hosting etc.

The biggest issue has been what do I do next?

By asking, ‘does this get this book closer to publication?’ I have whittled down the exciting choices making a solid wall in front of me to, ‘which series first?’ I want to abandon my Adult series – Hacked – and return to YA. But, the Editor’s reports I commissioned in 2017 were for the first in the Hacked series – Hacked Off. And though, at this stage, most comments will apply to both re line edits and there are a few story points which relate to both – the fact is the detail and actual line edits belong firmly to that MS. So just reading the reports and then putting them away is not going to get Quest 1 further towards publication as I won’t really have learnt the lessons I need from the experience of having the reports done.

Next week I will have a second read of the reports and the line edits of Hacked Off – enough has piqued my interest that I have not written the Epilogue for Hacked to Bits yet – after I have wrung every last drop out of the reports I will look at that Epilogue – or leave it to stew a while longer and only then will I return to Quest 1.

Quest 1 will be my main focus as that will be the lead magnet for that series – free chapters of HO may work for that series – but I do not intend that whole book to be free and there enough out takes that I hope to make novellas of but only after I have Quest off to an Editor next year.