Will I ride again?

Will I ride again?

This has been a worry all year. Two injuries have prevented the fitness work I wanted to do  on myself and with that came depression about the situation with my Mum’s poor health and the fact we have had NHS staff in every day.

I made the effort to get horses in and Roger came up and did teeth and vacs etc and Dan stuck a set of shoes on Rufus. I felt it was all very ‘last time-ish’ and last chance. It is no fun being 53 and unfit – but it could be worse so I have kept going with what I can do and not what I can’t deal with.

Parelli had a few blips with their web site which was unnerving when I needed some inspiration so I felt alone all around. They are now back up and running – if without the library I use a lot 🙂

The Plantar Fascitis and the left hand soft tissue injury have limited the rope work with the horses and the walking out but I have been out with Rufe and yesterday I sat on him for the first time in 18 months. It felt grim and it was very hard not to get off and run away  a – literally it was too hard – so I had to stay up there for a while till the ‘I am old and fat and feel stupid’ feeling went and  he and I went for a short ride around the farm fields LOL 🙂


October Mornings…

October mornings are best started outside 🙂

This month the writing has been fitted around Mum’s care needs. I worked on the Editor’s reports as planned and sent some back to her for a second look after revision. Issue I have is that the report is being stretched to something it wasn’t intended for  and doing story and structure edits based on 100 pages of a 300+k series is not sensible – and is wasting time – so though I have thought about that I am concentrating on learning the specific line edits on those pages. It has taken me a while to realise that though.

It’s also been a month for tech replacement – iPhone needed changing and the printer is now on last pages and the D link is being replaced.

My process has been hit with injury – Plantar Facitis in my left foot and a soft tissue injury in left hand – both have effected the work as standing and or sitting has been difficult and typing  much the same – Dragon 15 helped – but standing and looking at the screens is a large part of editing as is printing off and reading while sat down!!

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