Riding Week…

My Riding Week.

I built up to ex bike 30 km /day. No riding.

Got a field Go-Bucket ready – contents = hoof pick on a bright string, 2 string halters and two long ropes, a plastic hair brush and plastic mane comb and my gloves – all I have to do is pick it up and get the small Kidz Carrot Stick and I am good to go play while I am unrugging and checking them etc.

Serviced the clippers and cleaned the boxes and got new blades.

Washed Rufe’s neck, withers, spine and hip area with Hibbi scrub and put his lightweight rug on top to protect from Flax chewing and so clipping might be possible if his dermatophilus congolenis won’t clear  or Flax makes him too sore – ‘rain scald’ /’lumpy wool’ ( sheep ) caused by him having to wear the thick sweet itch rugs virtually all year – IMO this has made him hypersensitive – as even when he hasn’t got sweetitch he cannot tollerate any insect landing on him so will make himself sore all year round unless it is unusually cold. He has not been rideable since mid-June due to this skin damage.

They are now at large in the whole field.
Vet rang to say their annual Wormer and Bot med is in – oh yummy 🙂


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