Thoughts on Friday…

Should I move ‘The Holding’ – my free Word Press blog to a Self Hosted site or leave it as it is?

Contacted the Web Designer and asked him for a quote to help me if I decide to do this. It was inconclusive and I am not confident of the reply – though he outlined the price – as asked – which was very reasonable for the work involved I thought – but there was ambiguity over paying Word Press for a 301 redirect – which he didn’t tell me to do when he changed the Domain Name on a site for me a while back – and the terse explanation didn’t enlighten me – so I am not sure if this only relates to free sites moving to Self Hosted or not. More research is needed on this as I obviously don’t know enough to ask the right questions.

Checked out Domain Names as ‘The’ is being sold for $300 LOL and that got me thinking about what people search for if they want to read anecdotes about West Country living, writers, riders and farmers – that became a greasy pole – the more I looked the more I slithered around in confusion focusing on what I don’t want to write about – I am not a catering magazine site, a farming magazine or smallholding one; I am not a How To Farm/Smallhold/Garden guru – I do not want to give advice or practical tips – yes I am trained and experienced in farming/smallholding/gardening but it isn’t something I want to write about in a non fiction way – creative non fiction yarns, stories, essays  yes; memoir – possibly; journal or diary – yes; humour and opinion – definitely.

Then there is the ‘is this a farm or a smallholding?’ question – well I rented it on a Full Agricultural Tenancy before we bought it and it was always a ‘farm’ then…I stocked it to the limit and rented  out the better fields for grass keep for others and I ‘used’ the rough ground of non farming neighbours as grazing for my flocks – so it has always been farmed hard – and unconventionally – I have a wheel barrow, an iron bar and a couple of hammers and the farm was a shade under 60 acres with my neighbours fields added. This matters because most farmers I know won’t be interested in my blathering on and any smallholders might be looking for a ‘how to grow carrots’ piece but the word ‘Holding’ is ambiguous and like the word ‘hacked’ means quite different things away from the land and in Google searches could be problematic I think… May be I think too much!

Is any of that relevant to my writing anyway? How will forking out on another self hosted blog help me spread the word about the books? Well, I get more interaction on The Holding than I do this site and it is pulling in people who are interested in the countryside and life here – I suspect the traffic to  this site comes mostly from fellow writers and bloggers who are – like me – reading the blogs of others but not necessarily in the demographic or reader of the books the blogger is actually writing to sell.

If I don’t get The Holding on a Self Hosted site then it could be a problem if it got hacked or  the site got busy – I am thinking about it.

I then researched Twitter and Hay-net again – they are both ongoing WIPs.

The total for the week of miles on the ex bike is 1 x 30km – which I am trying not to be gloomy about as I have been pretty active this week and have other wise eaten healthy food etc and had a few walks with Tash…

Total words on Hacked Apart 0. 🙁

Total blogging and non fiction words 4767.

OK, that’s my Friday Thoughts…:) See you next week 🙂


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