Let Them Eat Cake…

Once you are in the mixture you are someone else’s cake…

I have decided to withdraw from one of my blogging outposts as my BB is failing to cope with it’s many moving parts and the site is undergoing so much development my membership has become meaningless to me – other than as a moan fest  – as it has moved away from hard copy for it’s members to all digital . My up dates are not thrilling or interesting reading for anyone as I point out that those of us without BB and top end data packages are unable to keep up. So I want to shift my riding blog over to here – which I always planned to do anyway I just never got around to it!

At the moment then the scene is thus set –

MC and Buddy came apart in a field and got back together again – he has been taking anti inflammatory meds  and MC has being wearing sack cloth and ashes and beating herself up for putting us in a situation were failure was likely.

Q. ‘When is the first time you get off your horse?’

A. When the thought pops into your head the first time.

Q. ‘Does this horse look ridable?’

A. Not if you have thought that.

Today is Wed. ( I think ) Sun is out after blustery few days and I am heading out to get Buds rug off – I don’t want him forgetting he is a horse. I will also put him through into the other field. Aim is to get him out on a rope this afternoon on grass to see how he is moving – given new bin day tomorrow I will pencil Fri in for a walk out around the village on tarmac if it isn’t windy etc – not rushing with this or being GungHo – that is what dropped us in this situation in the first place. 🙁

Rufus and Flax look like Hippos after a wallow. Good for them. Not planning on riding either so they can adorn themselves however they choose!

Happy Days.


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