Writing Week…

Spent week doing other things…ice horse

Put together a sound track for the novel Hacked Off that I can revise to as it helps me keep the tone and pace I want – and chose some photos to use for potential cover shots from Fotilla  as it helps to see ‘a product’ ASAP rather than a pile of paper work I think. 🙂

I also spoke to local web design engineer about the Blue Host situation and he said no – it sounds a lot of time to sort out – may be best left as it is. Mark Bede Black and White Computers is due in Friday to have a look at another issue with this machine – so I may ask him. But opting out of Blue Host may take longer than I want the sites to be down and combining the three accounts to one with Blue Host may not give me quite the result I want either apparently -but I have yet to follow that through.

Take out from this experience is…

When you don’t know what you don’t know it is hard to ask the right questions or realise your knowledge gap.

My experience with ‘Idiots Guides’ are that no matter how Idiot proof they think they are – they are not THIS Idiot proof…

Revision of Hacked Off?

Some revision done – but with husband now home for a few weeks – my working day is broken up to very small chunks of time – which I am out of the habit  of using to work in and my early morning long session now has another person shuffling about making toast in!! Like now. 🙂

My take out from this experience…

My experience has shown me that not panicking about this is the most productive way to deal with it – and accept that for a few weeks I can look at the work through a different perspective – planning a day trip to the setting of Hacked Off for a start.

I have also bought some Royalty Free stock photos from Fotilla that I am going to play with to make a place holder cover for Hacked Off so it can go on the Book Table here with ‘Coming Soon!’ tagged near by.

I will use Simon Whistler’s Rocking Self Publishing free video tutorials that he has to do this because it worked – I need to schedule a day to re watch the lessons and set it up

One thing I am still working out is the photo on the FB page issue – hence I will have to remember to post this separately tomorrow – if I bother to use FB at all this week – It may be on the list to ask when Mark comes up to sort out the setting in my Email program that is temperamental right now.

Looking ahead alreadyWater horse 4

I am thinking about what comes after revision to get Hacked Off  into book shape so I think next writing week will constist of brain storming and research and an overhaul of my wall charts that layout my To Do list and Progress chart for it. Happy Days. 🙂