Trial and Error.

Trial and Error.

Progress in so much as I am posting on this site. Not so much progress on the uploading media angle – that is next weeks challenge.

Checking out images on line for alter ego Alex’s site which I have yet to do more than set up on a basic level. I have to decide how to link that site to this – it will support my Young Adult fiction so I am thinking deeply right now what I want from it and what I need to put in at the beginning.

My goal is to get the basic shapes done and some content ┬ábefore end of this month as this house is being pulled down around us and I won’t have power – let alone internet connection – indoors.

Jotting some ideas down in Scrivener for May so I have new work to get on with both in the Young Adult and Adult fiction while I get on with a mass of typing up from longhand that has been on hold while I tinker with this site.