Arrival At Point Of Departure…

I had never noticed that for someone who doesn’t travel that often, I have come to think of some of my writing adventures as train journeys – when I dropped out of Platform University earlier this year I had the sensation of standing on the platform ( no pun intended ) watching that train leave with out me and I have been bumming up and down the tracks joyriding ever since – but now here I ‘stand’ shiny shoes and new books ready to get back on board and leave this point for the next stop.



Have signed up for First 10K Readers Nick Stephenson’s course and also two of Joanna Penn’s about the business side of writing. Moths have escaped wallet.

As it turned out my schedule for this year  – which included taking Hacked Off through Holly Lisle’s  live class of How To Revise Your Novel  16/17 – was fairly destroyed – not least because the rest of my schedule was based on me spending all my other time typing up the first drafts of Quest 3 and Quest 4 – this of course didn’t happen due to husband being home for 3 weeks over Christmas and then 100 days which meant me typing all night and editing all day were frowned on 🙂 – he even wanted a cooked meal !!! 🙂

Anyway the up shot was that Hacked Off did get undivided attention – as did the course – but now I want to bring my learning experiences back this side of The Pond – when I first started this there were no UK based courses out there and the terms ‘Indie Author’ and ‘Indie Publishing’ didn’t really exist here – but now some of the earlier adopters of the US and Australian sites  are successful and experienced enough in the fabulous Indie World Of Everywhere Else  to start making the Indie Publishing UK a reality – and I intend to support them – no disrespect to my previous mentors and the many friends I have made on my International Surfing Student travels who I will still be working with but ‘The Time Has Come…’ and in this case that is to come home and be part of the scene here as it grows and to make sure that my legal base for my writing is UK sound in terms of Tax and Vat etc and given that Brexit IS coming I think this is the time to stick around. 🙂

The other ‘New Arrival’ is that having had four months to have a damn good think about what I am doing and what my plans are – without  Q3 and Q4 being typed – at this point. This has been a big pondering point as I had decided that Hacked Off would be got ‘Out There’ first and then Quest – but the penny dropped this week that a book written under my own name aimed at adults, which is the first in a trilogy, will not do much – even if it is free – to help a series of books written under my pen name Alex Allington that is aimed at YA.  Whoops.

So…. Finish my rewrite of Hacked Off that I am doing now – then revise that. After that – finish the first drafts of Hacked Apart and Hacked To Bits –  roughly aim for end Jan 2017.

Then both writing names have a series for me to start to prepare to offer for sale – after I have found an Editor – or actually two of them as I have realised that they might need different ones! SEE – It REALLY is a learning curve – or perhaps a Learning Trajectory  – that must be my creative streak having me simultaneously studiously waiting on a platform to get on a train while my alter ego catapults, tumbling over and over, through the stratosphere… 🙂

There is only one cure for that – write more books. 🙂



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