Back in the saddle ( Again ) at last…

The horses and I have been stealing time from the on going ‘open house surgery’ and from the writing to get the now sheep-less barn  horse friendly – new rubber mats and shavings, winter stores – and it is all able to stay in place without the prospect of hoiking it all elsewhere  at lambing times.

Buddy has been on his new regime of going into the top pasture  – Lisle’s Hill – alone now for over a month and he comes in for a good groom each evening on his way back to Kites Close to join the ponies for the night. He is starting to enjoy his grooming sessions and is significantly more relaxed in the barn alone now than he was last year.

I have now introduced another part to our routine in that he stands in the big pen while I skip out and then has his groom and tack up there and I ride back to the other field – this involves three gates to open and close and a set of barrels to play with and then in the mornings after field feed I saddle him and we do  the same on the way back through to Lisle’s Hill.

I am not fit after a summer writing in 27 and being ‘on hand’ for the house stuff – he on the other hand looks blooming so this very slow intro is helping me get more bendy and encouraging us both to be relaxed and confident.

Roger is booked next Wed for a teeth check on all three – if there is any issue with Buds ‘implant’ I would rather know now before I really start to enjoy actually going for whole rides…

Rufus and Flax are also well and going through their ground work and games – Rufe is still too itchy with sweet itch to ride  may be when it gets cooler and after we have moved back into the house…

It feels so good to be doing things with them again. HUGE grin on face.


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