Rambling On…

2016-06-20 16.31.23.jpg

My favourite hedge row flower ‘The Rambling Rose’

Brings back memories of Sunday mornings spent at Tabbits Hill Riding Stables in Purbeck   which were spent – with any luck – riding my favourite little New Forrest type mare Rambler – she of the permanent ‘hound jog’  when she didn’t have the wind up her tail and we were belting up ‘the sheep track’ or chasing through the twisty path, under the low branches of ‘the under hill’ and of course when I cycled home Dad would have Jim Reeves on the record player … I can imagine she is another one of ‘mine’ in Horsey Heaven fidgeting in the back row and lighting smokes from the flames ‘next door’.

My current squeezes  are fine – Flax and Rufus have been exercising more and watching what they eat and Buddy has also had to stop his free range activity as the grass in his patch was knee high – his not mine.

The paddocks were topped but have grown again! The loss of the sheep flock really shows in the Grass Dept.


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