Start :) Stop:(…

Plans Changed…



Having had some great walks and rides with both Rufus and Buddy last week, I woke up Saturday morning to the sad realisation that one of my dogs – ‘the palomino lurker’ Brin had had a Stroke over night which was a huge shock – as even though nearly 15 yo he has been very fit –  for several days after this episode it looked like we were facing the ‘long goodbye’ and I cancelled my rides I had planned with my friend and stayed at my editing desk, with Brin near by instead – however he is adapting to his new reality and rarely topples over and his appetite is increasing a bit too 🙂

Yesterday afternoon I had thought to take Rufe out for a walk but  instead when I walked down the field I discovered Buddy had two swollen hind legs


– vet was duly called out and we decided it was some kind of allergic reaction from something in the newest patch of grass they are grazing – a bit out of the wind right by the shed – no ie except there are a few fierce little stinging nettles there… Anyway today I moved Bud back up nearer the road – the swelling has gone down to mostly just around the fetlocks – but is still there – so we will see how he goes – and assuming that Brin stays the same and or improves I  hope to be out for some rides next week:)


Rambling On…

2016-06-20 16.31.23.jpg

My favourite hedge row flower ‘The Rambling Rose’

Brings back memories of Sunday mornings spent at Tabbits Hill Riding Stables in Purbeck   which were spent – with any luck – riding my favourite little New Forrest type mare Rambler – she of the permanent ‘hound jog’  when she didn’t have the wind up her tail and we were belting up ‘the sheep track’ or chasing through the twisty path, under the low branches of ‘the under hill’ and of course when I cycled home Dad would have Jim Reeves on the record player … I can imagine she is another one of ‘mine’ in Horsey Heaven fidgeting in the back row and lighting smokes from the flames ‘next door’.

My current squeezes  are fine – Flax and Rufus have been exercising more and watching what they eat and Buddy has also had to stop his free range activity as the grass in his patch was knee high – his not mine.

The paddocks were topped but have grown again! The loss of the sheep flock really shows in the Grass Dept.


Riding Week…

Must Change That… My Horsey Week?Water horse 4

Any way – we went and saw Monty Roberts and gang from Intelligent Horsemanship at Kingston Maurwood – brilliant and very glad we went – busy and packed evening.

Spent rest of week utilising the dry ground to work/play with all three horses – brilliant fun – Flax starting to do liberty work with me now which is an intense feeling between self and horse like invisible sparks that only he and I can see. It doesn’t – in our case- mean we can go out and about together though.

Both Rufe and Flax are extremely fat after this winter which is unusual so I am having to be careful with what they are eating  – I don’t want them standing in doing nothing and the field won’t take a smaller plot without damage – so they get plenty of hay to try and keep the sugar levels steady but I am aware that they are at risk of Laminitis.

Buddy on the other hand is about right weight wise and is getting extra grass in the day times. iT is 5 weeks till Dan can re shoe him and by then I hope our daily ground work and walking will mean we can get out and about once again.

I cleaned the tack. Washed my kit.

And Generally Had A Horsey Week 🙂


Heroes And Legends

I am off to see my heroes from Intelligent Horsemanship – Kelly Marks and gang with guest Martin Clunes at my old Agricultural College – Kingston Maurwood in Dorchester Dorset – this Saturday night –  which is all exciting enough – but ‘living legend’ Monty Roberts is going to be the there too – and I just can’t wait! I hope Kelly brings her fabulous horse Pie along  as seeing him is always inspirational.

I have been kind and not volunteered my boys for the Demo – they are ‘back in town’ now out side the window of 27 asleep in the sun as I type.

The Boys Are Back In Town...

The Boys Are Back In Town…


Wet N Windy…

Replaces Bright And Cold as blog tile for this week – if it changes AGAIN before Friday’s publication I am stuffed 🙂

And What Happened Next...

And Spring Will Come…

Winter is as winter does I guess and the base line here at least is that the equines are running wild and free and only stop occasionally to see if I have any carrots. Though Rufe DID call out this morning when the lights went on which seemed to mean ‘grass is getting low and hay is required’ but when I provided hay he wandered off – and it was nice hay. 🙂

Must check when Dan is due to tidy around Bud’s bare feet – cannot see any point in re shoeing until it is Mild Balmy And Spring Like – and has been a while… I must be getting feeble!

So more a writing week than a riding one but spring will come and that will change…


Work V Ride – Truce, Defeat or Victory?

Well Who Cares What You Call It?



Work Life Balance is the trendy phrase.

OK – Well at least I was on the same see saw as my life even if I was neither on my horses nor on my game at work.

In consequence the horses and I did rather more relationship building than I figured I would be able to make time for – or as they probably look at it – they came in for their feed and hoof picking out  rather than having it in the field.

Buddy lost an off fore shoe but I walked mindfully around the 10 acre field following Whoooopeee skid marks till I found it. It came off clean  and the nails were still in it – Bud no more lame than before and no tractors will be limping off during silage making next year either..

The store lambs in my exit field are gone so end of next week I may venture out for some lead rope walks to see if the village is still there with which ever horse or pony volunteers – it also means there is no more excuse to be made – I must start running again – 6- 8 weeks to light evenings and I am a poorly muscled up writer and a low stamina walker so if I want to ride I had better get up and get out there and get on with it. 🙁 While I still can.:)

All in all my plan of keeping them out but bringing in in the day time worked very well – I got hands on the horses and minimal mucking out – they got due care and attention and a chance to roll in the bedding.

All mine!

All mine!

And I got my work done around them…


Horses? What Horses?



New Field Of Dreams…

Moved them to in day time and out at night – well that was the idea – disappeared into the view and haven’t bothered coming back much!

Happy horses – happy MC! Great dog walks wandering around farm looking for the mustangs – usually asleep in the sunshine and out of the wind. Left their beds up and ready in case they  get a wet or freezing blast but otherwise I guess it is see you in the spring then?

Meanwhile I rejoined Shipton Riding Club and renewed my British Driving Society membership, caught up with  my Parelli blogging – which I do most days – and Intelligent Horsemanship (Still excited about Monty Demo at Kingston Maurwood soon!)

Plenty To Dream About then this week…


My Riding Week

2016-01-06 12

Flax and Buddy

‘I didn’t’ is the easy comment here.


I was rediscovering the joys of stable duties and evening checks, real hay nets and shavings and rubber mats and wheel barrows and their relative stability – and mine – in various qualities and quantities of mud.


The horses have been slightly bemused to find themselves ‘in’ out of the weather – I would like to say they are pleased – but they are horses – and as far as they are concerned being trapped in a confined space in storms probably doesn’t constitute safety or tranquillity.


They were getting swamped with mud  and the driving rain so they have all been able to dry out at least between drenchings. I have set them up in another field ‘off the top’ of the farm and today I took these photo’s of them – it was so hot they were rugless – last week’s driving rain seems a memory yet an hour later it was back!


Bud’s legs seem OK again despite some galloping in the heavy ground – the other field is better draining so hopefully that will stabilize him – it is either that or wheels…


Not sure that the hours spent have helped my writing week – but on the other hand no horses no writing…:)

Try Sticking To The Plan…

Try Sticking To The Plan…

‘Great ride today following on from yesterday. We had our first canter in ages – been building up to it – and I had a suitable long uphill track in mind up from The Marquis Of Lorne at Nettlecombe and then stopping half way and slithering down to Powerstock I wanted it to be quiet and empty of folk and it was  – if I can get a couple more variations in there then we can get out into the more open grass and be fairly sure I can stay with him – more running required to strengthen my legs – but prefer it not to be after the horse has left me behind.’ Said my diary.

Jokes aside the next ride out ended up with me on the floor and when I sat up Bud had gone…

And What Happened Next...

And What Happened Next…

He got over excited because I thought it was a nice day for a longer ride to get away from the stress at home, I decided not to duck up a non bridle path track and avoid a good galloping field as Bud was quite happy., it was a nice day, we had done a photo shoot – and Why Not?

Some store lambs were drifting across us and suddenly I realised there was only one way he was going – up. He wouldn’t step forward and was completely bunched. I knew he was sideways on to Hell..

I got off – I always carry a long rope anyway – and I was fine – might have been better if I hadn’t been so stressed I forgot my gloves – he jinxed hard twice and I ended up facing him – he reared and I was lifted up and swung in under – he bolted in fright  andI realised if I didn’t let go I would be under his hinds – and with out my gloves my skin came off my hands and I was dropped on my face and when I looked up… he had gone. Silence.

Never happened to me before and the field was large and beyond that the lanes leading to a Dual Carriageway. I couldn’t see him against the hedges in the field but I felt that the field was empty – I could see some people ‘s heads bobbing about by the 5 bar galvanised and high hung gate to the lane. All kinds of things run through your mind – who are they? Has he hurt them? Is he already under a car?

No – they hadn’t seen him – they were thatching a cottage – but they heard him take on the gate…

No – they were sure he wasn’t on the road.

I had a hard job taking that in – Bud was born in the village and I live just the other side – of course he would go straight back to his birth farm!

No – they really didn’t think he had passed them…

One of them thought he had heard a whinny back toward Lodderland – a long track and open fields behind us – I set off with them promising to guard the gate less track…

BT got a new phone line order wrong and we have no phone – I had to get an Iphone 6 to power up my BB – it downloaded all my email contacts and no phone numbers – I had only had it 24 hrs. It was on my To Do List…

The only number I could remember – and I didn’t know whose it was – I rang and amazingly it was the folk who live in the farm I was heading too.

No – their dogs were quiet and their horse grazing – he wasn’t there.

I kept on walking and they stayed on the phone. (Bless them)

I heard a whinny.

No – it wasn’t their horse – he was  not whinnying he was just eating.

I rounded another bend in the track and heard it again and there, back to a fence, tack around his knees was a sorry looking Buddy.

Sarah came out and calmly helped me straighten him up – bar marks from the gate on all four and the near hind below the hock looking the worst – no cuts much at that point I realised my hands were bleeding  and I felt shaky. Sarah offered to stable Bud while I got a trailer – I don’t have one – and looking at him I figured the walk home would be better for him and me too  so we secured the stirrups and I took his martingale off just in case…

It took and hour to walk him back slowly – I was able to give the thatchers a big wave and a ‘Thank You’ as I went past.  I am so grateful they had come to see what had happened to me. I was passed in the lane by a group of adult Ramblers – and not one spoke or stopped talking to take in the dishevelled and bleeding horse and rider – that is the second time I have been in trouble and an organised group of Ramblers has walked on by. I said ‘Good Morning’ three times and no one as much as glanced at me.

All things considered Bud is looking better than he could have – no swellings much and the vet thinks no joint damage but we think he skidded into the gate so hit the fronts and fetlocks and then went over trailing one or both hinds  – so it will take a week or so at best with anti inflammatory med’ and turn out with the ponies.

I am fine. Annoyed with myself. Horses aren’t stress relief – if you are stressed clean the stable, poo pick, clean tack, wash the lorry, iron the numnahs – ok not that one – but don’t get on your horse! 🙁