Writer’s Retreat…

2016-10-07 12.13.47.jpgPeaceful – with view.

Writing Week…

Good place for inspiration –  which was just as well – as it turned out I needed some for the  WIP I am story editing right now. Much walking about the fields these last few weeks talking to Dragon and then – depending on the Dragon’s ‘windyness’  editing the transcriptions  – new addition to the Tech Dept’ was a tiny fur thing for the MIC – looks like a dead mouse on my jacket – but it dealt with the growling wind that Dragon was suffering with 🙂 I have less transcription editing to do now and I can actually ‘see’ my ideas.

Next step will be to work them into the plot on scene cards – and play about till I am happy – then get on with the rewrite. I would like to have this draft done by the end of this year.

Reading this week?

‘How To Blog A Book’ by Nina Amir – very interesting and giving me ideas for this book I am  editing now and for the non fiction projects I have on the go at the moment.


Summer Time and The Living Is…

2016-07-13 14.52.45

Writing Week…

Only on day two of that – struggling a bit with the slow progress I am making – was reminded it is three years since I was on a friend’s fishing boat when researching a Viking Time Shifty YA I had the hots for – hasn’t made it off the note pad as I directed my focus at my most finished stories and designing this site etc – THREE YEARS? Still none of the work is done – yet I work most week days way longer than 8 hour days, don’t garden, sold my sheep, gave up off farm contracting, and rarely ride my horses and the physical strength , fitness and health is disappearing… will it be THIS year? No  earliest I can get HO out there/ up here is next Spring and The Quest series could start going out the following Autumn and that is if we get the house rebuild finished and I don’t stop working at the rate I am – beggars the question why? Why am I doing this?

I look back and I can see how far I have come since I doodled to stop my self going nuts here alone on the farm, I can see where I got my focus and went for it – but now it feels as if those goal posts are moving – I move faster, work longer hours, have started talking a different language than my friends and family  and my previous life is ‘another land’ – on another planet.

So wondering if I live my life in an alternative universe now ? No I am not wondering – I KNOW I do. 🙂

So do I know why I do this? No I just do it is overwhelming – I just do it.

If it is overwhelming why do I keep doing it? I don’t seem to able able to stop.

Proving a point? Not so much – no one says to my face that they think I can’t do it – though I debate the opportunity cost of spending my life on this suddenly rather narrow, stony goat track-  just to see what is on the other side of the mountain range of my imagination – I don’t doubt that one day a finished book or more will be able to be down loaded from this site and others – free or For Sale.

It’s the ‘one day’ bit that could do with being ‘that day’ ‘this day’ ‘today’ – can only re make date and aim for it baring in mind that I don’t want to miss my life staring at a screen and that  S..t Happens. 🙂

I am lucky to have only such small problems and really ‘this Old Goat is not for turning’ so I will pick my way onward  while I still can. 🙂 When I can’t then I will do something else.:)

Perked Up…

Scrivener is going mobile – Yippee!

Drew out a WIP/Body Of Work/ Catalogue Of Work  To Do to try to give my self an overview of  My Big Plan So Far…

When I looked at what I have already written – some finished first draft and some a few ideas and a rough plot but something tangible on each I cheered up as I am in the learning phase now – what takes me a long time now will speed up and each achievement will in it’s self teach and enrich the next – also in having a Big Plan – WHEN I get the first thing live and flapping – I can let it go and move to the next and can hope to avoid the dreaded ‘Now what?’

Scrivener App arrived – and that mean’t an opp to re try Dragon – which I have rechristened Nuisance Software Dragon Elsewhere. I am not complaining – I can’t imagine the hours that go into making soft wares like these that folk are screaming for – in my case my Dorset accent provides more than a few howls and howlers – Oooo and Arrrr 🙂

2016-07-19 14.58.17


Paradigm Change…



This is about a 12 month now I have been in this phase of building and learning with my writing  – I noticed right from the start of 2016 that my Mentors were changing in terms of their ability to influence me – this was largely because I wasn’t in their demographic long term – their loss – but also because some of the ‘courses’ AKA Face Book groups of  other student clients initially disappointed me and then I realised that these people were great reciprocal beta testers and had a huge knowledge of diverse ‘stuff’ – I may even re join a couple of these as they time out – but if I do it won’t be for the fronting personality input as there is none.

An excellent resource I still use is Darren Rowse site Pro Blogger, I am still a member of my original online writing and crit group Write Words and use that several times a day if I can. I still take Writing Magazine once a month – and read it.

I am very active on Holly Lisle’s sites and I go through and re go through any of her courses all the time with my WIPs – I don’t imagine that will change – she is dynamic and the site reflects her energy and force of will against some heavy odds – and the other students and moderator students are a hugely talented  international bunch who are at various stages of their writing careers.

New influencers though are moving away from the ‘how to in 10 easy steps’ brigade and I am noticing I am running with a bitch pack by and large – and a clever bunch of women they are too – Holly obviously, but Liz Gilbert, Joanna Penn and Orna Ross are featuring strongly as my ‘go tos’ – I suppose I have been looking at  the ‘how’ and thinking about the ‘why’ in a very practical manner – rather like I approached my career in farming – head down and boots dug in – I expect there are those who might say I ride my horses much the same.

The Parelli gang, Kelly Marks and Monty Roberts remain inspirational and have undoubtedly changed the horse world for the better – including my part of it.

I would always have said – in the past – that the only creative thing I did was cook. I some how missed the point that farm, orchard, gardens both veg and flower are creative in their essence and productive at their core, that forming relationships with livestock, horses and dogs – being self employed full stop –  also requires a subtle open creativity to get to a place where harmony exists and symbiosis occurs. I am suddenly realising that my writing is creative – it may seem laughable that to me it wasn’t an art but a job but then I am often accused of taking things too seriously by those who don’t look twice at me where as those who do a double take see the humour in that fact.

It has been a fight to get myself to lighten up – not hold the reins if you like – and use all of me to get where I want to go. Accepting that I am as creative a other members of my family despite not having applied myself to learning to knit etc is a revelation and though I still feel I am a student I am starting to see the blank page as a blank canvas and admit I want to paint all over it with words that come out of me.

Seeing the farm – as stockless as it is now – ought to be driving me nuts – scruffy unproductive grass etc – instead I see new shapes and textures, colours and movement – I see the wild life much more clearly – the deer, the small hedgerow birds and the hawks and buzzards, the fox and squirrels.

I am not sporting a floaty frock nor espadrilles – it is still jeans and boots -and if I occasionally wear a big straw hat with scarves on the crown? Well I wore it before I discovered I was Creative!

I am a dreamer of sorts – I dream of learning to get this right so I can get out of my own way and write adventures to go on – just like I dream of getting out of my horses’ way and  riding off to adventures with them. – for both I need to find a flow of ideas and action that come together to create and produce. – as ever that means Work In Progress or Please Pass Wide, Slow – and Smiling Quietly 🙂


Research And Stuff -Video, Dictation, Transcription in journal/blog.

Playing with video and sound recording in Blog post and journalling




Dragon – bought it at great expense a few years ago – comes on a CD that loads very slowly and I had issues with serial numbers etc – it says Y on the box but it is actually an X (!) – it really slowed my then Vista machine to the point I un installed it. But this week I re installed on W10 machine and it is faster,  but  the microphone is dire and so I use the integral one to the lap top which is vulnerable to back ground noise – I now have an iPhone 6 and thought I could combine the two – Hum- first there was ‘which app?’ then how to join the two? And find the files and then the lack of correction features and saving and …. I gave it up. BUT if you want to dictate and have it transcribed straight into Scrivener or via Dragon box thing you are kinda lumbered with Dragon.


I have Evernote Premium anyway which I use a lot – if you create a new note in Evernote on the iPhone and instead of typing you hit the little microphone sign in the keyboard area you can speak into the phone and the txt appears instantly and you can stop and start and correct and it all appears on your lap top ‘just like that’. Job Done.

Web Cam notes on the other hand are NOT video – they are stills only.


For use with the iPhone – One Note App works in the same way as Evernote for Dictation to Text – again – if you use the microphone within the key board. I guess it is down to which  soft ware you use or want to buy into, for the look and functionality look you prefer…(The one thing I remember about One Note though is that if you try and print from a Page or Note you have to be a bit careful that you don’t get the lot)

So for video for journaling?

The laptop’s own camera and camera roll work perfectly but if you want it with bells and whistles then – on the lap top – you can also video journal straight into OneNote and edit it and also sound record separately and picture and the sound quality aren’t  bad for no extra cost on programs that are already familiar.

The video journalling function doesn’t seem to be available in the One Note App, and as I said above in Evernote it is only still photos on either though video can be embedded.


The iPhone can be used to VDO Journal perfectly well and I would imagine be embedded in whatever you are doing – blog etc. But I do not know if that is what it is or is just a link to it


That is a still photo from the iPhone collection but the video was too big and 50 MB – As can be seen IT ISN’T here…! It did not up load so One Note cannot be used to put together a whole post and copy it here.

It took a smaller one but it still tells me it is loading several hours later! And neither is that here…




Video recording started: 11:06 29 April 2016


This obviously works if you click the link and how you might up load to the blog I do not know – I already noticed that the free Word Press Blog doesn’t let you upload video and my self hosted does but I will admit to not knowing the limits of that.

Still handy to know what I can and can’t do with this and I will practice up loading to the blog – and the above is what happened there -so far!

How is this useful use of my time this week?


Coming Soon…:)

Well I am at the ‘Write In’ stage and ‘Cutting’ stage of revision on Hacked Off and was looking to transcribe speech to text in some way – long and short of that is that IF I want to dictate to text in Scrivener then I need to practise with Dragon 13 but if I don’t want to buggar about with that at my desk ,I can dictate into an Evernote note any where I happen to be and then copy the text into Scrivener – or I could just write it longhand and type up/dictate and transcribe or type straight into Scrivener – life was probably simpler and less distracting when the choice was  Pencil, Ink, Biro or Type Writer. 🙂

Where did that morph into any relevance for journal keeping?

Trying to see if I could keep an ‘organisable’ video diary – with clips I could put up here – ANYTHING to avoid typing – but I think that unless I want to go on a major detour – photos and typed updates are just fine…:) 🙂 🙂

OK! I admit I was killing time till Husband goes back to work next week.

Quest Series - Book 1 coming soon.

Quest Series – Book 1 coming EVENTUALLY 🙂


Spring Tides…

Clean sweep...

Clean sweep..

Great Week…

What is not to like? A four day holiday and the clocks changing to BST all in one go.

Great time to investigate some new Pod Cast resources – well new to me any way – and what a great bunch!

Quick List…

Sell More Books Show.

Self Publishing Formula – this one IS new.

UK Script Writers

Stirling and Stone – The Self Publishing Podcast.

The Creative Penn – Great web resource.

Alli – Alliance Of Independent Authors.

Writing For Life CS Lakin.

Not all of these are US based – in fact I am consciously looking for UK input these days – I enjoyed all of them and they are all pertinent to me writing fiction and are for the most part free to listen to and use – I am also considering joining Alli as an Associate Member  – as I am not yet published.

Finding these has more than helped me make the decision to leave Platform U and the saving of £22/month may well go to Alli membership and to Joanna Penn at Creative Penn for one of her courses instead to take on from Holly Lisle’s ‘How To Revise Your Novel’ which I am doing now with Hacked Off.

That Aside…

The revision remains on course and am playing with plot cards and re plotting and moving scenes etc and still ‘chatting’ to the ‘actors’ playing my characters to see what we can do better.

I ventured into the shipping container and brought out my other WIPs that have been in storage for a year now due to the house re build and started re acquainting myself with them so that I can follow the Isaac Asimov idea of working on more than one thing at a time or simultaneously rather than the hard focus on one thing that I find hard when things get tough to concentrate or just plain get to a point where I am sick of them – but has logistically been the best I could do this last 12 months.

2016-03-31 08.49.47Looking Ahead Then…

Blue sky – always good for thinking 🙂


Spring Is As Spring Does …

The Writing Week…



Started and ended with some good thought provoking reading and listening around my favourite Blogs and Podcasts while starting to form a revised plot for  Hacked Off  – the ‘cast’ and I have after lunch meetings while I am walking the dogs and I am pleased with the new ideas I am having  on that score too.

One thought occupying my mind this week is the subject of goals and goal setting – on the one hand I follow the coaching from Michael Hyatt and co about having plans and ‘Living Forward’ as his new book totes but at the same time I  take a point made by Will Jonathan on the Tiny Buddha Blog that ‘Getting what you want can sabotage you http://tinybuddha.com/blog/how-getting-what-you-want-can-sabotage-you/which is well worth a look at and a deep think about.


Do you plan?

Or  – do you see goals as ‘a natural consequence or enjoying something and doing it well’? [From the article mentioned above]

Further to that this week I enjoyed Michael Hyatt and Michelle Cushatt in their weekly conversational Podcast – ths week it was about 7 pieces of advice Michael would give to ‘would be CEOs’ – Not something I initially thought would interest me –  But I quote  from the  show transcription http://this-is-your-life.s3.amazonaws.com/tiyl_s7_ep_05.pdf

‘The first one is your position is not your identity. Second, your position is temporary, not permanent. Third, your position is a privilege, not a right. Fourth, your position is about faithfulness, not achievement. Fifth, your position is about them, not you. Sixth, your position is about stewardship, not ownership. Seventh (so good), your position will require more than you think you can provide on your own, so prepare for it now. Don’t wait until you have the job to do the work you need to do. ‘

This Is Your Life Podcast Season 7, Episode 5 Transcribed by Ginger Schell. – Podcast Link –http://michaelhyatt.com/season-7-episode-5-advice-to-new-ceos-podcast.html – If you want to listen.

Why did this interest me particularly?

The first point snagged me because I am always interested in how we humans align our identity to what we do and then we struggle when we don’t do that thing any more or we can’t achieve good results – I am between phases in my life right now  – I HAVE been a Farmer and NOW I am a Writer – I ALSO ride horses and that makes me a Rider – but I haven’t ridden for months which causes doubt – if my writing never gets revised will I ever be an Author? I still own a farm but I actually have no livestock so technically I AM still a Farmer yet I don’t respond with that when asked ‘What do you do?’ Saying ‘I write…’ sounds pretentious to me – yet it just about describes my life now – I live on the page in words that I type…

Michael and Michelle’s conversation made me think hard about what would happen if I didn’t write any more, didn’t finish the books – that voice in my head said ‘What else IS there?’ 🙁 I think a rethink!! 🙂 I am already an Author – of this Blog and two others for a start 🙂  Which isn’t the point they were trying to make but demonstrates how tightly we all cling to who we are being related to what we do – and not how we do it…

Sad But True Though…

This is my last week at Platform U – Michael Hyatt’s membership site – why? Troubles with  the renewal of the sub’ every month this year for no apparent reason and a feeling that it is time to move on – taking with me a lot of interesting things I have learnt and experienced and a large dislike of ‘virtual assistants’ running Customer Service and Personality Social Media  contacts- it creates an image of  ‘Unreachables’ that is contrary to the public face  shown – and his isn’t the only larger site I have come across with this problem – again with the issue of  Time Zones for these sites which are Global not being addressed properly  for the benefit of the customer.

I still think Michael Hyatt is a great coach and would always recommend checking out his stuff – this little British female unpublished fiction writer found herself a little out of her depth at times but I have paddled ashore non the worse for wear.

Spring Cleaning Then…

Dawn On A Spring Day

Dawn On A Spring Day

If you like –  of thoughts and hang outs – and  the week still allowed me to venture into some new territory –

At https://twodropsofinkat.wordpress.com/   and http://www.thecreativepenn.com/podcasts/ seem good starting points 🙂

So I keep moving along and learning as I go…



A Hole In Time…

29 Feb  – An ‘extra’ day – our wedding day many years ago. Unusually husband is home to share it and we are taking a drive to Dartmoor – and my childhood holiday haunts – where I learnt to ride across country, to be alone in the space and to drift through into my own world where  stories began to form.



It was also the place I took husband to see when I first met him and where we returned to the day after we got married – it cloaked it’s self in a light coat of glistening white snow that day and glittered coldly for us as we visited friends and made merry.

It was the place my parents had honeymooned and went back to every chance they got. Even growing up in the countryside – as I did –  Dartmoor represented an greater freedom to roam for me and in the company of the two sisters who ran the farm we stayed on I learned a love of farming – and decided that it was something ‘girls could do’ – because they and their mother obviously did.

Tomorrow I will step into that magical extra day of this year and also though a hole in time to a place populated by memories and people – some now gone – where I was always happy and free and in good company.

Life is a tricky beast at best and I hope that those memories – good though they are – don’t stop me making new ones and enjoying the day for and of it’s self – after all when husband and I flipped a coin to see if we would go through with the ceremony I doubt either of us had much thought to our 50+ year old selves and what we would be thinking about 29 Feb 2016.



The One Where I Get Bitten On The Bum Twice And Don’t Want To Sit Down. OR My Writing Week…


Progression – To Conscious Incompetent…

Nothing like being a Newby to make  mistakes ‘no one has EVER done before’ which is how come I ended up with three separate accounts at three times the cost for my three websites when one account would have let me have 5 on it. Or looking at it another way I could now have 15 websites….

I discovered this only when contacting Blue Host through the ‘amazing’ chat- bubble -helpline- with -inbuilt -delay to query a price rise from about £90 to £150 each site – this was when the assistant pointed out my mistake – I can pay a fee of aprox $149 and have them amalgamate and even get a refund BUT so far I haven’t done this as the instructions to ‘back up everything’, ‘fill in cancellation forms’ and trust to thought bubbles with time lags as a means of communication – frankly terrified me as did the confusion that arose as to whether the sites would be down between times…

Emotional sort of day(!!)

But there you go ‘you can’t make omelettes without breaking eggs’ would be my take out this week – it WILL feel personal – £300 is always personal if you have spent it pointlessly.


I will use the telephone to speak to Blue Host one day soon and clarify the procedure in a way that the chat bubbles with inbuilt delay couldn’t and I will find out what ‘back up everything means’ ie content and or settings. I will ascertain the cost and then – if I feel OK to set it all in motion I will proceed – after all I would rather find mistakes now in the site than when I have books to sell here…


This brings me to the second bite in the bum

Actually it happened first technically – but there you go – there I was having a coffee break catching up with FB and 31 Day Blogger Darren Rowse and he had posted something I took a hefty  double look at- European VAT rule changes that apparently came in LAST year and something called MOSS – now I am VAT reg in my other incarnation but this had escaped me – ANY digital product sold incurs VAT at rate of the buyers EU country of residence and that requires one or two bits of proof to be kept for 10 years AND registration for VAT in Each EU country OR with MOSS AND the absolute kicker is there is no threshold of income level this applies – you sell an ebook or course or any digital thing and it applies from the first sale – go figure- as my US chums would say.

The UK Gov has said a threshold applies to sales in UK but you still have to know what you are doing and register – you can’t just sell to resident Brits that IS probably against free trade rules! AND if you are in the rest of the world selling into the EU all this still applies.


Are your eyes rolling in your head or are you rolling on the floor laughing?

What have YOU done this week that lets YOU see the hill  YOU still have to climb to live YOUR dreams? A hill is not flat – and a mountain is not a hill – when I start yodelling hit the deck because I am still going up the side of this rock face…


Have I done any revision?

A little. On both In Plain Sight and Hacked Off.

Have I done any typing of Q3?



Do I feel alive?

Oh yes – it hurts so I must be. 🙂

Is that The Sound Of Music tune I hear? 🙂



Little Bit Of Heaven.

Amidst the craziness of living next to a building site – my once and future home – while now living and working in a mobile home – is the fact that the situation is pure Heaven – perched in my orchard next to the horses’ summer field and yesterday I took my desk out side and worked with the horses all day- me writing and them getting on with being horses.

The sky was intensely blue and the’ greens’ this side of the farm still intensely green – the bleached out tips of long grass on the old fort on the horizon cannot be seen from here, neither can the ripening wheat and the start of harvest. Here it is green and blue.

Husband prepared Ghost for the show this weekend – washing and polishing and all the usual pre show stuff – only advantage of showing trucks is no plaiting! Hoof oil is replaced by ‘Tyre Black’ – really:) But they still park in lines and sit next to them and then go for a trot up before the judge in the main ring. It is all huge fun and I kinda wish I was going – but I don’t like ‘visiting’ – go for whole weekend and join in is one thing but to ‘drop in’ feels naff…

They left and the stock, horses, dogs and I settled down to what I HOPE will be a peaceful weekend to write – and between you guys and I – I might get Buddy in tomorrow and ride. I will get the tack out for a check over today and if it doesn’t get too hot  give his mane and tail a brush and get him out on a rope to play- then see what tomorrow brings…

It is probably Buddy’s and mine anniversary weekend come to think of it, I must have had him a year exactly – having said I wouldn’t get another one – and he and I are the most unlikely pairing of the small writer and the tall racehorse who hack alone for miles – we get on very well – well we did till he had to have a tooth out and refitted and then I hit lambing and the house project kicked off in April – so I think we have had three rides since New Year…. But he is right there – here – now head and lips resting on the mobile home window giving me that  ‘Get up and let’s go somewhere!’ look or it could be ‘Where’s my hay?’

I hope Husband and lorry have a great time polishing at the show but I think on balance I have my prizes here and I very much hope this weekend I can chill out a bit and enjoy them.


Busy week.

Change is good – just tiring…

Busy week  checking out and or moving to new writing groups that seem to have more bells and more whistles than I will ever discover and also new blogging sites and one I have been meaning to check out for a while.

At the moment it looks like Scribophile for the new writing group and Haynet as a new blogging space as I have enjoyed reading that one for years but not added to it.

As usual when doing something new I have to pretty much hold nose and jump in – however many bloops  I make – often the fear of changing things is so much worse than actually doing it. I am not sure that you can ever get so used to change it ceases to bother you though the great thing about the internet is friends and colleagues need not be left behind nor lost touch with.

I have managed to hit my typing up of the MS targets for the week and was amused to see another Author informing her followers via email that by publication she could virtually recite her novels – I am with her on that one – though sadly this skill in me doesn’t extend to dictation via Dragon as this week late one night I fired it up only to have my text turn red and be highlighted in green – when this happens I check the room for hidden cameras 🙂

On the horse front this week my farrier re shod a fully rugged Buddy while we braced ourselves against in horizontal July rain. Rufus and Flax used the mud creatively to decorate the fly rugs and style their mane dooz

I escaped to my bolt hole this am – the pier at West Bay.

It is nice that some things never change.

West Bay looking east

West Bay looking east


The Joy Of Writing Software…

The Joy Of Writing Software.
Not. Like a horse that drops a shoulder ‘for no apparent reason’ and sends you flying because it can so writing software can cause painful landings, loss of function and total debilitation ‘for no reason’ because it can. In the same way it makes everyone else wince and say ‘Ooo Nasty…’
Having been pitched into the black void by Ywriter once before I always do everything twice and use Scrivener as well – even when I am tired and it seems silly – after all will anyone ever read this stuff? Will I ever finish the projects? Well not with Ywriter I won’t. This time it is being turned out to grass – those projects of mine it hasn’t scattered this time I can still use – but not add to. Scrivener and I will carry on alone – yes I could likely get my stuff back together if I take a few weeks out or give it to some one to sort out for me but really why would I bother? If I don’t know why it did what it did or if I did or didn’t do something – how will I ever be sure it won’t do it again? Scrivener is much more user friendly and is happy to be saved and copied and backed up and carried around – if it was live on line like Evernote and could sync it would be perfect – but it will do till Holly Lisle gets One Stop up and going out of Beta.
The work of typing up Q2 moves on despite the hiccup above – pick self up get back on horse – put lemonade in the glass half empty and type on… Happy days:)

Getting lost in my thoughts.

Any space is the right space to write.

Any space is the right space to write.

Warm enough to start working out side means juggling the delicate balance between the glaring sun on screen with chilly shaded fingers and both with the distance from my hub – so I tend to pick up and move regularly depending on the task in hand.

Today’s task was more research about web sites, blogging and about platform building generally and more specifically Michael Hyatt’s Platform University which looks like it is gearing up for a launch again soon. I am open minded about joining in this time around as there is much to be learnt and given that the building work begins on the house in a week, actual writing and revision will be hard to slip into. I might as well use the time to learn what I can so I can apply it later…

Between times I have been checking over some launch copy/ email that is being used by a student of Holly Lisle’s course that she runs in conjunction with Jeff Walker’s PLF – directing that at Indie Publishing and launching books specifically. It is interesting to be able to see it all play out and what works and what doesn’t do it for me.

My original goal for my Young Adult series was to launch this coming Christmas but then the Rayburn broke and it has triggered the major house overhaul we are about to get into – so I made my peace with that and regrouped setting a new goal to launch Christmas 2016 and using the time now to look at platforms, marketing, design and formatting – things that I had comfortably been avoiding thinking about till after the revision stage. I have found it is sharpening my focus and challenging me to look hard at the story material I have yet to revise, to present it in the most effective form I can to suit a future ‘today’s market’…  Had I revised as planned, I would have been left trying  to sell yesterday’s book in yesterday’s way. Food for thought.

I follow the free stuff from these above mentioned folk – and use Holly’s paid for courses but am not affiliated to any of them. If that ever changes I will say so.