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Playing with video and sound recording in Blog post and journalling




Dragon – bought it at great expense a few years ago – comes on a CD that loads very slowly and I had issues with serial numbers etc – it says Y on the box but it is actually an X (!) – it really slowed my then Vista machine to the point I un installed it. But this week I re installed on W10 machine and it is faster,  but  the microphone is dire and so I use the integral one to the lap top which is vulnerable to back ground noise – I now have an iPhone 6 and thought I could combine the two – Hum- first there was ‘which app?’ then how to join the two? And find the files and then the lack of correction features and saving and …. I gave it up. BUT if you want to dictate and have it transcribed straight into Scrivener or via Dragon box thing you are kinda lumbered with Dragon.


I have Evernote Premium anyway which I use a lot – if you create a new note in Evernote on the iPhone and instead of typing you hit the little microphone sign in the keyboard area you can speak into the phone and the txt appears instantly and you can stop and start and correct and it all appears on your lap top ‘just like that’. Job Done.

Web Cam notes on the other hand are NOT video – they are stills only.


For use with the iPhone – One Note App works in the same way as Evernote for Dictation to Text – again – if you use the microphone within the key board. I guess it is down to which  soft ware you use or want to buy into, for the look and functionality look you prefer…(The one thing I remember about One Note though is that if you try and print from a Page or Note you have to be a bit careful that you don’t get the lot)

So for video for journaling?

The laptop’s own camera and camera roll work perfectly but if you want it with bells and whistles then – on the lap top – you can also video journal straight into OneNote and edit it and also sound record separately and picture and the sound quality aren’t  bad for no extra cost on programs that are already familiar.

The video journalling function doesn’t seem to be available in the One Note App, and as I said above in Evernote it is only still photos on either though video can be embedded.


The iPhone can be used to VDO Journal perfectly well and I would imagine be embedded in whatever you are doing – blog etc. But I do not know if that is what it is or is just a link to it


That is a still photo from the iPhone collection but the video was too big and 50 MB – As can be seen IT ISN’T here…! It did not up load so One Note cannot be used to put together a whole post and copy it here.

It took a smaller one but it still tells me it is loading several hours later! And neither is that here…




Video recording started: 11:06 29 April 2016


This obviously works if you click the link and how you might up load to the blog I do not know – I already noticed that the free Word Press Blog doesn’t let you upload video and my self hosted does but I will admit to not knowing the limits of that.

Still handy to know what I can and can’t do with this and I will practice up loading to the blog – and the above is what happened there -so far!

How is this useful use of my time this week?


Coming Soon…:)

Well I am at the ‘Write In’ stage and ‘Cutting’ stage of revision on Hacked Off and was looking to transcribe speech to text in some way – long and short of that is that IF I want to dictate to text in Scrivener then I need to practise with Dragon 13 but if I don’t want to buggar about with that at my desk ,I can dictate into an Evernote note any where I happen to be and then copy the text into Scrivener – or I could just write it longhand and type up/dictate and transcribe or type straight into Scrivener – life was probably simpler and less distracting when the choice was  Pencil, Ink, Biro or Type Writer. 🙂

Where did that morph into any relevance for journal keeping?

Trying to see if I could keep an ‘organisable’ video diary – with clips I could put up here – ANYTHING to avoid typing – but I think that unless I want to go on a major detour – photos and typed updates are just fine…:) 🙂 🙂

OK! I admit I was killing time till Husband goes back to work next week.

Quest Series - Book 1 coming soon.

Quest Series – Book 1 coming EVENTUALLY 🙂


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