The Joy Of Writing Software…

The Joy Of Writing Software.
Not. Like a horse that drops a shoulder ‘for no apparent reason’ and sends you flying because it can so writing software can cause painful landings, loss of function and total debilitation ‘for no reason’ because it can. In the same way it makes everyone else wince and say ‘Ooo Nasty…’
Having been pitched into the black void by Ywriter once before I always do everything twice and use Scrivener as well – even when I am tired and it seems silly – after all will anyone ever read this stuff? Will I ever finish the projects? Well not with Ywriter I won’t. This time it is being turned out to grass – those projects of mine it hasn’t scattered this time I can still use – but not add to. Scrivener and I will carry on alone – yes I could likely get my stuff back together if I take a few weeks out or give it to some one to sort out for me but really why would I bother? If I don’t know why it did what it did or if I did or didn’t do something – how will I ever be sure it won’t do it again? Scrivener is much more user friendly and is happy to be saved and copied and backed up and carried around – if it was live on line like Evernote and could sync it would be perfect – but it will do till Holly Lisle gets One Stop up and going out of Beta.
The work of typing up Q2 moves on despite the hiccup above – pick self up get back on horse – put lemonade in the glass half empty and type on… Happy days:)

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