‘What Would You Give Up For Your Dreams?’


Such an innocuous question – implies all kinds of things you should and shouldn’t do…

Freedom to roam?

Freedom to roam?

  1.  If you really believed in your dream you would do anything to get it… Hum but then there is the Zen thing and the Karmic thing … Will you care who you squashed when you look back? Will you find your self alone and wonder why?
  2. Then there is the whole health issue – one of my mentors right now is poorly and has been trying to ‘do it all’ – the evidence of potential burn out is right there for us looking in to see.
  3. Another mentor has been talking of getting enough sleep – which turned out to be pertinent to me – but freely admits at his stage in life he can design his own day every day – no boss, no kids etc etc.
  4.  Another talks of hating to be told to ‘slow down’ but at the same time goes on to point out that doesn’t mean at the expense of accuracy  or health…


 I have been working 17 hours + a day on my stuff and been proud to do it – except I look pale and chubby now and I am making mistakes and having to do things twice – in the end I made such a big mistake I lost the use of my series data on a piece of software and had a 24 hour day  – and then a 24 hour night to recover – when I woke up and took a look at self I realised that all things being equal giving up my physical and mental health ultimately means failure to achieve my goals of publishing the books any time soon – illness and accident can strike us all – deliberate self sabotage is stupid – but we do it all the time without even noticing.


 How are you doing?
          It seems none of us take advice or learn from the mistakes of others before we have too. – the blogging world would have fallen silent by now if that were not so – if you drive your self mad, lay waste to your body and soul and do it at the expense of those around you then what will you really achieve?

Will I take my own advice?

 Well I have stuck to a daily word limit on the typing up and a couple of days this week I didn’t do any but worked out side on the farm without beating self up for abandoning my calling…
 I haven’t had a headache this week yet or a neck like an iron bar – both of which have been constants this last few months.
 I cleaned out my area where I keep my exercise bike etc and found a carpet for my outdoor yoga.
Yoga mat, boots, old bike, rope and diving weights...

Yoga mat, boots, old bike, rope and diving weights…

I started each day with ‘putting in the big rocks first.’ In my case checking the sheep with the dogs on foot which will build up into my  running routine.

Will I stick to it?

Don’t know.

If I start dreaming of also riding my horses regularly again as well?

Desk top hprses only possible right now...

Desk top horses only right now…

 I start to tense up – this place IS a building site right now and being away from the daily Open House Surgery drama is not easy – so I have to think back to ‘put the big rocks in first’  and take action on the things I can do – the house IS still in NECESSARY surgery, and recovery time will be months – but there won’t always be so many people working at once and then I can be free to come and go.


Open House Surgery

Open House Surgery

If I stick to the things I can do now then when I get to the
point I can ride away I will enjoy it as my body won’t fall apart or the horse buckle at the knees…September is such
a nice month for riding anyway.

So this week it is ‘big rocks and baby steps while reaching for the stars’ 🙂 Or it will be seeing stars…


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