Through the tree and the password is ‘Silver Snaffles’ or ‘Happy Hacking 2018…

Through the tree and the password is ‘Silver Snaffles’…

First exploration of my exit path down through the woods  stopped after the first field!

The large willow tree that has stood by the gate got tired of waiting for some one to trim it and when gravity took over – its roots loosened by the heavy rain and high gusty wind –  it upended right across the middle field gate way… It has missed the gate and the posts which is good…

Although it doesn’t look water logged in the picture, the grass there is floating so it will be a while till a tractor can get in – I told the landowner and the Rights of Way Dept at Dorset County Council and then phoned my neighbour who – like me – will probably be the ‘person with chain saw and muscle’ that gets to actually move the thing.

Why me? I am the only person really affected by this  – the path is’t well used by others and with the dual carriage way my only option it is my exit route and at the moment I can’t get through on foot – let alone with the horses… The summer ‘midnight mountain bikers’ are likely at the gym. 🙂

It will get cleared one way or another – hopefully the RoW team will shut the path so I don’t get abuse from other thwarted path users – it isn’t on my land and it isn’t my path – I just live here 🙂


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