A Walk With Tash and Dragon Thinking About Things…

It’s Marie-Claire 9.15 on Friday 28/07/2017

Going to do a Dog Day Chronicle walk with Tash and Dragon – for this is  post because I would like to ‘talk’ about what has happened the last week or so since I found that I could fly Dragon without crashing so this is a rather new experience for me in that I’m dictating as I’m going round doing house work getting ready and heading out – And some of this is not going to make it into the blog or ‘social’ – three subjects – Horses, The Holding and Writing – the Writing bit is getting a ‘normal’ written update to see how they compare and I will post that separately. ( need to compare this dictated and transcribed post with the written version in Writing LOL)

I do want to recount what it is that I’ve been doing and the new things that I’m starting to think about doing as I wonder which are going to be important to me in the future. So that’s the first part of my introduction if you like, and I am going to try and switch off while I get ready and then am turn on again when were outside and I have finished the geese ( noise!!) I will transcribe it when I get back and see how it looks – divide it between Writing and Riding and compare it with ‘what I would have written’

This time last year I bought the three horses around from Kites Close and I setup the paddock in the top field. Graham was topping for me the second time….

Rufus by 28 July was absolutely crippled with mud fever and his rear end had an infection all around his hams so the vet him on antibiotics… This year-

That hasn’t happened and although the last six weeks or seven weeks  I have not been able to ride and continue the work that was doing with any of them – and I have got that sense of distance between them and I.

I have maintained a regular routine of putting Sudo cream or other creams on Rufe so that he is as comfortable as he can be.

Buddy  has the run of the place and when I’ve had any contact with him I have tried to respect the feeling he demonstrates that he feels trapped etc in the shed – but equally, he hates flies!! So he has enjoyed the shed – vandalism has been rife – hum!! I wonder who that was?!

Flax I have felt sorry for at times – he must be so bored – equally he is very fat and doesn’t need to be in the shed unless the flies are unbearable – Dan didn’t do his feet either last time  as with the hard ground and what-have-you they hadn’t grown a lot – so everybody’s pretty good.

  • The Rest of The Fields and The Holding.

In themselves look really untidy (-those not under the control of The Farm which are being farmed and look fine :)) and that includes Bill’s Orchard etc – and even my veg plot – pig pen and edges – the  grass is now gone to seed and what’s left is just dry strawy blonde husks full with mature seeding thistles and nettles – which don’t doesn’t look nice.

My two bottom fields look ready to cut again – hopefully, they are going to be cut and tidied up and not just flattened and grazed by the baby calves – so that Tash and I can return to them during August  – walking around them before she gets too old to go.

I could be down here in Bill’s doing work with the horses. I’m not at the moment but I could be you know. . .  I could perhaps factor bringing Budy and Rufus down here at this time of day. Today’s cold and grey and we could be doing some circling work down here as a prelude work into going out for walks again; right now I don’t feel very inclined, but as the weather gets to the point where the horseflies are dying off it’s a place to start.

The geese are still in the shed. They are heavily moulting all over – the place is revolting with feathers everywhere and my tack is all over the place too as there is nowhere to put it that is safe from pecky beaks – so the riding at the moment is about as limited as it can be. PlussThe baby calves that are camping this year are ‘in training’ for a TB test and are being got up to the pen at least once a day – so me

Pluss the baby calves that are camping this year are ‘in training’ for a TB test and are being got up to the pen at least once a day – so me wandering about is not peaceful for me and is likely to mess up that  necessary behaviour pattern  that is being encouraged – after the test and the second cut I am guessing the calves can go explore my place in peace and Tash and I won’t get mugged and mobbed when we appear

  • Fitness 🙁 🙁 🙁

I’ve obviously been sat/stood for six or seven weeks writing/transcribing and I really feel each time I do that  I lose a piece of my health that I might not get back.

Tash and I are now trying to do at least one or two walks a day in Bill’s – she’s not too bad regarding her foot problems – but her shoulder is and remains stiff so we walk slow which is not improving our fitness and only gives us fresh air and a break from each other !-!

I know that horse riding and the relationship with the horses’ will kind of comeback; it didn’t – as ever – work out for them to come in every day – it just didn’t work. I don’t like the fact that two New Forest ponies are standing about in the shed all day  long for no good reason; they’re better off out the field unless the horse flies are utterly atrocious – and there have been days where I have got them in because the flies have been that bad – for the most part they’ve been bearable – so they have stayed out.

There’s always been some breeze blowing in that field somewhere and horses have been able to deal with it. I haven’t had to muck out the three stables etc and soak hay etc twice a day either – Buddy has had the run of it to get out of the flies – vandalism of said shed has occurred on an unprecedented scale – HUM – ‘How interesting!’ I wonder who that was Buddy boy? New pipe insulation anyone?-?

  • The second point about the horses is that I have cancelled my Pirelli membership after a good few years – the horses were  babies when I joined -so I’ve been there a while and I had not wanted to fork out for a whole year’s membership again after the debacle of the last three years web site changes and withdrawal of the magazine in a real format and DVDs – and I put it onto the monthly membership ( Easily cancelled ) which wasn’t a huge amount, but it was still maybe £13-ish – and then I realised in the first month that I  just wasn’t the using it at all to record, goal set or learn or chat to fellow members and the latest site iteration is just plain awful.

It is an example of leaders /gurus of any kind forgetting their followers at their peril when they monetise their products and become Big Business and forgetting that followers become customers – I wish them well and have joined in the Renegades on FB where the party line appeals more – horses are great levellers and horsemen and women speak the same language world wide – and it’s ALL about the horse – or you end up on your arse – Masiah’s not excluded.

The internet cost to watch the on line content en masse is very high. I’ve got a lot of content training that I need to watch in relation to the writing, and I just don’t want  Gordon having huge bills for watching lifestyle content of horse stuff – that actually I have a lot of hard copies of that I can still watch for free… and that I haven’t seen all of anyway – so I don’t think that that’s a problem and it doesn’t cost me anything because it’s not on the 4gee or BB – I just need to put in one of the DVD players.

I wish Pat and Linda all the best I’ve got to know a bunch of people from  the site who set up a Facebook page which I’ve joined in with and I’m starting to chat on there – and I hope to do that and in fact maybe take on another couple of these – there are some rather pleasant looking ones out there and just go and have a chat on these places where there are some great horse folk who like horses – and they are the people that maybe will buy my books – rather more than anybody ever would I am guessing that is so totally tied to the  Pirelli are Corporate Image .

  • I haven’t touched Hay Net since the day the livery yard horses got out and the log in issues put me off though I understood why my profile might not work as I had ‘vanished’ after Brin died – so I won’t be contacting them till I have the ‘regularity’ and the joy of it back J
  • So yeah that’s that’s pretty much how I sort of feel at the moment about the horses and The Holding.
  • 🙂

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