2017 Post Script…

The EU have agreed to a threshold for VAT on digital products – I got the heads up from the FB group that has been instrumental in lobbying on this even in the face of the Brexit chaos. GOOD FOR THEM because finding out in 2015 that there was no threshold has meant me back peddling on my plans to be able to sell from here from the get go.

Ditto I got a discount on Ads For Authors as I had Publishing 101 – and a bonus was a hefty discount from Book Funnel – if I use it by end of Jan 2018 – cool that brought into focus the hovering idea that I need to get the free chapters/ short stories together/ edited and formatted and covered etc as a high priority after I finish HA in Jan and as I plot H2B .

These two things lead to a conversation with husband Gordon about setting up a new business and bank account – so Allington Writers will be born in time for the end of this financial year and in time for the next and I will tackle our Accountant etc.

Why Allington Writers and not Allington Ink ( which I liked best TBH ) well the books I want to publish will all have our surname but the genres will have different personas  – Alex Allinton for the YA and Children’s and M.C. Allington. for the adult Romantic Suspense and Thrillers etc so ‘writers’ covers that. ‘Ink’ is ambiguous and ‘Press’ in this part of the world might be cider related 🙂 but I will check the Domain Name availability before I settle. Allington I.P  also appeals – it doesn’t matter that much in some ways as it will be a partnership rather than a company name – what ever I decide it looks like 2018 has those big steps forward in it  which util Christmas Eve had not been more than a fading twinkle in my eye for some time… 🙂


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