All Change Again Then…

So far 2018 has been about grabbing the opportunity that the EU Digi VAT decision has handed me – it matters little to me that I may still have to register for VAT MOSS -or not TBH – it  was the huge damage that earlier decision not to have a threshold did to my confidence and plans when I found out about it in 2016 – that has now been reversed – I may have to keep records but I won’t be liable for piddling bits of bloody cash to someone on the far side of Europe whose language I don’t speak.

Today I moved forward with last weeks thoughts about the up till now free Word Press site – that is connected to this hub as a page link; having asked Damon Allen at Bridport Radio to quote me and thought about my options and got lost in Domain Name Hell – I asked him some follow up questions – ie ‘start from scratch through his hosting?’ and the whole .word ending thing… – as usual when my brain starts to niggle away at something it thinks is right it wouldn’t let me do more than check over my Prologue for HA so I gave that up and selected a new Domain and sorted that through Blue Host ( only for the reason the others are there and I hate untidiness  of thought AKA it’s easier for me to remember 🙂 ) I went with self explanatory – I wondered about ‘journal’ or ‘chronicle’  or something terribly daft or cliched like ‘’ or ‘’ – but that was time wasting 🙂

As far as I can see Damon is already at work shifting stuff – bit of a login logjam right now – but we have as much Broad Band or 4Gee here  tonight as Vespasian did when he overran Eggardon. FA. So I am sure it will get sorted tomorrow and I can change the links here on the page and on Holly’s site etc and do the Pluggin things.

Light relief – I took delivery of the Hairy Bikers Mediterranean Cook Book and watched – mostly in individual ‘slides’ – given the sagging email between Damon and self – and lack of BB or 4Gee – their TV show to go with the book – still, I felt I had walked behind them every step of the way by the time the final credits rolled and so -as you do – after a healthy dose of cooking porn -I made toast and peanut butter and had it with black grapes – an almost Mediterranean writer’s supper – I would take a photo but really? Who cares 😉


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