Glad To Be Indie…

I love being an Indie writer – but more to the point I love working with other Indies – cheerful, encouraging and friendly and all folk with a huge work ethic and customer service mentality.

This week I got the OK from the bank and the bank account was set up – I was quite impressed with their On Line team – their script allowed them to remember me – phone call to phone call – and that is more than the tellers in the real branch do who seem forced into the same script even if they see you 100 x /day 🙁 So  here I am in a new business then 🙂 Did’t think that was on the cards for 2018 but the dice rolled and I played the hand I was dealt and here I am 🙂

Also this week I pushed on with the idea of moving the free WP site about the farm to Self Hosted and with a new Domain name  – and I subbed that out to the local guy who’d done some work for me in the Autumn. Bit of nuisance to have it at a different time of year for renewal etc and an extra cost of about £12 annually for a 301 redirect  (and I have no idea if that is necessary for one year or many …)  It was a job I wanted done and couldn’t face in the Autumn when I’d got him to do the others – as I just couldn’t justify the expense when I wasn’t blogging.

That done and my knuckles cracked and my self dusted off – I have returned to the MS of HA which I haven’t worked on since 23/12/2017 – I had left it ready – and with a bit of a tweak of the real desk top – to lift it a bit more – I spread Dragons wings and we flew off  with it breathing fire and emitting sulphurous belches and me whooping like an Indie and yelling like a Banshee  as we aim for ‘the first star on the right and fly on till morning’ back to Neverland. See you there 🙂


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