First Quarter

Busy but ultimately bleak..

The new VAT proposals for Digital Vat set the year off to a busy start – I changed my Web Design helper to Sam Davies at Web Site Right and pushed ahead with the ideas I have been sitting on on that score.

I worked hard on Hacked Apart and finished that MS 22/03/2018.

Sadly the snow brought death – Tash – the mastiff featured in this blog sometimes – was put to sleep following an illness.

My Mum has been hospitalised for the last 4 weeks from a condition made worse by the vicious weather and her recovery is slow.

I started the next story in the Hacked series – it stands at about 3500 at the moment and I aim to keep writing that to The End and then return to editing the YA books.

Aim after Easter to return to regular blogging – and may the sun shine 🙂

Tash with us 2008- 2018


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