April Up date in brief…

Mum remains in hospital and life has been topsy turvey but have worked on…

The much relied on Rescue time has been a Pain in The Arse since New Year – working with them on the crashes…:(

Joined in with new classes when I could – new Darren Rowse 31 Day Blogging 🙂

Planning production schedule for Hacked To Bit

Setting up Scrivener


Thinking about blogs and non fiction

Printed out Eplilogue and Prologue etc of HA and H2B

Plotting H2B with MS of HA in back ground

Thinking about blogs and non fiction

Setting up Scrivener for the non fiction – to deal with Dragon entries from long hand journals, archives and photos

Long hand archives keep coming out of the shipping containers…

Improved my standing area – plastic boxes and left over bits of shelf

Flew Dragon to fill the Scrivener files – only the photo uploads remain a challenge now…

More plotting


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