May —This month be sunny and safe…

Rough plan –

This first week I have been catching up the non fiction blogs and working out what to do with the farm blog – and why I am not writing farm based non fiction books. I still just want to write fiction 🙂 So I actioned my plans and caught the blogs up with pictures telling the story – would have been great but for a combo of Microsoft and Window’s 10 and Apple trying to update my machinery and really slow broad band – turned a morning’s work into a 15 hour day 🙁 So it is just pictures and few words – 🙂

Next week it is Bank Holiday and the next day corresponds with the day that the third part of Hacked series kicks off so I aim to start writing and keep going on this till The End. Having said that Chris Legg – another local writer – is giving a presentation here on Self Publishing either Wed or Thur next week for myself and others who missed his run through previously I have also booked up some workshops over the summer and the first of those is 13 May in Dorchester – that one is Short Story writing which I thought might help with freebies and give aways. Who knows if that will even be relevant with GDPR laws stalking the lists…



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