Life’s a …

Positive end on the writing and riding fronts of the highly succesful 2017 campaign and I have the battle plan for 2018 mapped out on a big bit of paper πŸ™‚

Look Life between the ears – and kick on…

There is a plan – so God can laugh πŸ™‚ And he undoubtedly will.

Live life – laugh, love and learn – that is all any of us can do. I will miss 2017 and alreadyΒ  the tough things to witness are queuing up for 2018 – the things other people suffer -and we are helpless to change the outcome for them as they fight for life – suddenly – and against the odds. All our lives hang by that same thin thread that can unravel or fray or snap at anytime on life’s rough edges or be cut by that unseen force that decides -for us- it is Game Over.

It is foolish to think these things wouldn’t affect my writing or any other thing I do – but I have my plans -if A then B – if C then B etc … Because all I can do is carry on the path of my life with the people I walk with till their path forks away – or they can’t go on – and then I must find the courage to go on alone and not sit in despair that it is not my time or because I feel afraid or lonely – the view is always different after each step so however heavy the heart gets each step must be taken to see what it is I am meant to see.

The farm here is still out there -waiting for me to start farming again – maybe – but one thing is for sure 4000 years ago when it was first farmed it had been here a while already and in 4000 years on – when I am not even dust – and my IP has more than run out of Copy Right – it will very likely still be here and I am guessing those old Celtic and Roman walls I look at will still be there too – unless I start writing as my father did – carving on stone – I ‘d have to have a big head indeed to think the books and stories will be remembered πŸ™‚ So why bother?Β  See para two above πŸ™‚

That said I will wish my self – and you – ‘Bon chance.’ As we look between the ears of Life and kick on…

See you in 2018 πŸ™‚


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