Reading through layers and research

Reading through layers…

Have been reading the first draft this week and looking at some of the factual layers in there and getting them factually correct – the story is there – it’s just the facts I need to take forward correctly.

Research …

There are two ways to do this – one before you start writing – and then you risk never starting to write. Two, after you have written what you wanted you back check the facts to make sure it is all possible/likely – especially in a contemporary piece.

In this case scenario, this has meant me immersing in documentaries and information about drug use and addiction – as my self-harming character Lin slides into addiction and homelessness in the second story Hacked Apart  – and her story will continue through the last instalment of the series Hacked To Bits.

My MS suffering character Helen is also struggling to get back to some level of normal after the trauma of the kidnap in Hacked Off – she is desperate to hold down a job and go to uni and build a future for herself and will try ay thing to ease her symptoms – so I have been investigating medical use Cannabis which is not legal to use for this purpose  in the UK.

In both cases this ties to the important first layers in this story – where are they and what condition are they in when this story starts?  It is vital that I get this factually right in the story before I write on or it will cause huge problems if it goes to an Editor or a Beta Reader with implausible situations occurring for two central characters right at the beginning when I can get it right now 🙂


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