May 2018

First Draft H2B started.







Some Writing Days…

This has remained a difficult month as my mum remains in the care of the NHS in the County Hospital here and remains fragile.

However, in the time between I have worked on what ever I could – and what ever I felt like – and that has included getting on with H2B. It now stands at about 5k – I would love one of those blog goal trackers in my side bar  but it is something else to get side lined with – digital bright shiny things 🙂

I also started to set up files – Scrivener/Ywriter and Novel Factory for the ‘Ever Green’ series of stand-alone Romance and Romantic Suspense that I had started working on before we had to ‘do up’ the house. For that I had to rummage in the shipping containers to find the hard copy notes. All of them now have files – at least – but, the contents are variable – so far – some stories have a plot and some have plot and an MS and some are scattered around various notebooks – real and digital – so collating them is a bigger task and a feat of memory that isn’t necessarily worth the time right now. But, with the files in place  at least they have a destination and I have the capacity with Ywriter to quickly add via Dragon any hand written notes – and write on when I feel like it.

Bucket filling – and mind numbing absorption to stop worry re Mum – has come from ‘catching up’ on any thing related to Dick Strawbridge and chateaus -that makes our DIY look doable!!! 🙂 Versailles – not so much for the DIY 🙂 but for two series watched back to back of escapist fun – and then a trip down memory lane as I remembered I had been to Versailles and Maintenon as a teenager and the combo had me heading off researching  The Sun King and his mistress and then wife. Nora Roberts’ latest ‘Shelter In Place’ is a cracking read and that occupied me yesterday 🙂

I have gradually started listening to the ‘News’ again – for writing at least – and Jo’s podcast on Monday and Paul Teague’s Sat up date have not been missed this month – Darren Rowse I dip in and out of and I think tonight the old SPP gang has something ‘live’ to attend – and Jo Penn launches her How To Write Non Fiction  book/s and course this week – ironically also while dealing with heavy duty family health issues. Inspirational.

In June I have the first of a set of Work Shops that I can go to locally – well I have paid for them – it remains to be seen if I can go – as they are only three hours on a Sat morning in town I hope I can – but that depends on Mum’s health – and mine as I find the stress of the situation and the last three months is causing sleepless nights and anxiety issues that are not conclusive to joining in with full attention.

Can’t really take stock of goals and targets – I am working on every day – linear ‘progress’ is not being tracked as I got rid of Rescue Time after 6 moths of it crashing – shame – it had accumulated some interesting stats on the time the books take and specifics within that – but despite the developers interest in the issue it remained an erratic PIA so I got rid of the subscription. It will have to improve a lot to want to start that again. I have yet to replace it with anything either real or digital that records my daily work flow and progress in terms of time management – but then Rescue Time WAS the best I had found so replacing it will be hard – and may not be worth it – it would be worth it if I worked with other people on the books and was paying them hourly /project/project part on shared machines but it’s main use was in proving to myself at the push on a button that I had proof of writing life – 8 – 17 hours a day it documented my every action which when full of self doubt actually helped me see what I was doing – and as I don’t ‘slope off – prove to my self that I was working and not faffing about 🙂 So – I will miss it – but not enough to put up with more of the same…

June here we come…:)



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