Last Call…

Was OK till I had to do the last call to the flock to come in… it was more sob than shout as they got up and ran towards me then they  thinned out as usual into their flock order and started to trek up to the shed – that is a sight that will be forever etched in my mind.

The Flock With A View

Some of the flock with some of the view.

I have been SO lucky…

   People lose stock and farms everyday due to debts, disease, of accident retirement after a life time – or even as caretaker following several life times togetherness with stock on a patch of ground – I am choosing to let go of the flock now recognising my buildings are sagging and the lack of fencing on neighbour’s ground that I use is causing trouble – not to mention me sagging without age friendly handling equipment – but I feel it – I want to know that they are cared for or meet a humane end so my responsibility isn’t over. Tagging them and checking them over in pouring rain has been a hard day for them and me – but they are tucked up in the barn with the last of the hay now.
They will go in two lots the main flock tomorrow and the rest next week, hopefully not leaving me with the rams for yet another trip.

Get up when you fall down…

Then I will have to get straight in and clean out the sheds and yarding and collect the fencers and electric fencing before it gets grown in and lost and as soon as the scaffold starts to come down on the house and we can make a start on picking up the millions of nails the roofers have dropped we can get around and top the fields – yes they will be empty but they won’t look like ‘the washing up has been left in the sink as it were in an otherwise empty house’.
From the horse POV – when the carpenter has finished with the house roof and the bits and bobs inside he can now deal with the barn repairs and the over hanging ashtree that taps the roof constantly in a breeze and hammers night and day in a gale. They may have a snugger winter this year because they won’t be vacating for two lambing sessions – or as usually happens constant lambing from Oct to March!
So though today I feel I could or should have done more to avoid this – I know that chewing over more ‘coulds’ and ‘shoulding’ on myself is pointless – I have always done the best I can and this at least gives me a chance to come up for air before paddling on.

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